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Two Days in Sylhet, Bangladesh

By born, I am an adventurous person. Nature always gives me some strange feeling which make me happy. For this reason I always like to visit new places. I visited many beautiful places in my life and I also hope that I will make more tour all around the World. Every tour gives me some new experiences and they took places in my mind. One of them is my first tour in Sylhet and Zaflong with my friends. Still I remember the Mazar of Shah Jalal Rahmatullah and Shah Poran Rahmatullah. The Pond of Shah Jalal Rahmatullah Mazar was full of fish which impress me very much. When we reached near the mazar, the calm environment gave me the meaning of peace. Many kind of big and tall tree made me know how small we are. After seeing Shah Jalal Rahmatullah grave, I feel there life. Then we went to Zaflong and saw that place very closely. We found a different smell of nature. There was a river and the water was as calm and clear as crystal. We crossed the river and found the heaven of nature. There are many hills and they look like they are touching the sky. There were many tea gardens beside the road. The road was going high and it seems to me like that the road will finished in heaven. The natural environment made our mind relax and we forgot our daily pain, sorrows, anger, and jealousness that time. A natural bondage tied us with the nature it appeared to us like that we will never able to loose this bondage. Suddenly we felt that the sun is setting down. We didn’t want to leave that place but we had no way. So we came back to our place and made a wish that we will visit that place again and again.
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