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All About Bangladesh ...

Every is free to write here all about Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a medium sized country in South Asia, covers an area of 144,000 square kilometers, about 150 million people. In the spotlight of world opinion reaches Bangladesh almost every year by devastating floods each year require a large number of casualties. The history of the state is still relatively young, so split the region from 1947 until succeeded by India and Bangladesh after the end of the war of independence recognized. Translated, the name of Bangladesh "Country of Bengal" and refers to the population of the country. During a holiday in Bangladesh will come much into contact with water, the land is crisscrossed by many small or large rivers, the most famous case is the Brahmaputra. From the capital, Dhaka, they can take a number of great excursions in the surrounding areas, which are mostly related to the unlimited underwater landscape in Bangladesh. Before a trip to Bangladesh, they should definitely meet with her ​​doctor about any vaccinations against all kinds of tropical diseases make. Due to the overpopulation of the country Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries on our globe, a self-sufficiency in the staple foods is not given.
The infrastructure in Bangladesh is characterized by the frequent floods and poor households more than bad situation and can only be found in the greatest trouble appropriate tourism infrastructure, which allows one to spend a nice relaxing holiday in Bangladesh. Therefore, Bangladesh is more of a land for adventurers interested in land and culture while at the luxury to be like during a vacation takes a can do without. Also, keep in mind that it is in some regions of Bangladesh to dangerous areas, where it often even violent clashes in which one can not as a tourist should necessarily be involved. Especially popular in the Southeast kidnappings of tourists, which are then released without ransom or other appropriate services.
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