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Some bars i wrote lol!

itz Bonkerz Bonkerz

****** generalz


My bars are hard like sylvester

Im off flow but my bars will impress ya

Your scared hidin behind your bars, like hiding in a playground like a child molester

Your a ****** clown, u need ur dad to dress ya

Isn't that ironic, cause I'm the one that undressed her

Impressed her, so much that I obsess and possess her

A Minuuuus..!
listen up yeah,
ur a low grade pussy,
chases girls who the size of mussy,
and iyl leave the side of ur crater head muddy, bloody n dusty..!
Dont push me!
ur bars r lame
your sucked dik to get income for ur fame

Hahaha this fagggot from ******
who these pussy holes blud A dot Minus
who the ****** u lil hoe hamad gettin ****** on facebook mans wanna run their mouth on facebook
you pussy hole, bust alot, o type fukin scunny man lockdown where man yeah
suck ur dirty produca before i take a shit on him

Hamad, I bang of the limits,
I cause u a clash but i bang of the critics
Its BONKERZ there is no limits
or give me tasks spit sick bars like flaw like spirits
how you gunna do me, everybody knows on the moyke im looney
theres no way these kids can screw me
cause ur bars are shit like mooneys---

so its like you don wonna clash
you don want a battle
i bring u more beef than a kattle
and il smash ur teef leave em to rattle
your warley a poppies im a jakkul------------

and i heard ur track and like air stops wackul
u taukin like that are you strapped up
dont tauk like that ul get smacked up
let me expose u prick, put ur hats up------

so get ready huz number wan on da list
its time u pricks betta stop runnin ur lips
u don wanna get smacked up with this song
take u out like a fukin ecliptic prick------

why u goin on like u crazy, first name tango
second name lady, then you spit bars like a baby
too bad and funny cuz ur mums got rabies,
theres no ifs or buts or mabies,
ur bars are imature like babies
and ur bars are so imature and weak
u wanna be a paki but ur a dirty seek
i could murk you all day all night all week
what u on about shut up when i speak
goin on skank and g gettin crank and beeta
everything cut from ur hands and feet a,

Its nas (Nas) im the best best, no need to guess cuz
im the best (Yes),

Get shanked in ya face if u come test,
u aint no mc ur fake like yur mums breast,

and ya hangin around
wid ass jad in town, and you say that ull knock me down, you fukin clown,
how u gnna clash, u come up with bare more shit than ma ass,

and this boy there, dont act like a gangsta, you ran from big ben,
you aint no rampa, you let ur kid get ya bottle and ya clampa,
suck on ya mum that looks like a wanka, tango pepsi mango coke,
****** who you are ur bars are a joke, why the ****** u mention my name in ya spoke,
clash me sun and get broke.

This aint no beef ting, your bars are fukin leekin,

with them mans now
im a party tune everybody dance now
when the music plays your gnna get blanked out
and im on t his thing till i pass out
yeah x2

cal me old school
cal me siga genesis
call me a rolacoster all in since i was nemesis
when rains to ma guy vivi skin analysis
im like obama, im the president

Look in tha mirror and ask urself,
who the ****** do u think u are?
U got a bit of paper and a nice suit
but u aint no shinin star.

Thought you could destroy me?
Are you mad?
You big headed cant.
Peedo brav, You fukin rapist.
Paki cleveland Junior.

Dono, Yu get me.

Nd 1 more thing yh

Cant murder me cuz i murder u.
Nobody knows who u are cuz they never heard ov u.
Ur a bitch, Got bullied by ponys.
Drop to ur knees if he said blow me.
Got no friends, ur lonley.
So do you actually record this or you just write the lyrics?
Can't say I dig it.
Keystyles for old times, I wrote all your old rhymes,
You couldn't drop a bar amputeed in a gold mine.
You couldn't drop a bar bulldozing the Cheers tour,
You couldn't drop a bar dealing xanax to short folks.
You couldn't drop a bar fumbling your own rhyme book,
You couldn't drop a bar weightlifting with your spine f****d.
You couldn't drop a bar on a bike with a speed lock,
You couldn't drop a bar shoplifting from a sweetshop.
You couldn't drop a bar if you were terrorising sheep,
You couldn't drop a bar losing count in your sleep.
You couldn't drop a bar changing the T case from capitals,
You couldn't drop a bar subtracting 100000 Pascals.
You couldn't drop a bar coding your verse with Foo,
You couldn't drop a bar in you were Ebenezer Scrooge.

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