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Yoga :

Yoga is highly recommended by the doctors and spirtual scolars too.Its the best remedy to save your self from stress and anxiety.If you feel that you are suffering from these manic diseases then you must do this exercie.
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I am also agree with you that yoga is helpfull in removing stress.Also with this Exercise(yoga) you can shape your self too.It is very good to loss is very good. it keep your body slim because of streching of body mussels
Many yoga exercise put strength in your body you can support the weight of your own body in new ways, including balancing on one leg , or arms
Yoga helps shape long, lean muscles.
Physical activity is good for relieving is best exercise for this. Because of the concentration required, your daily troubles, both large and small, seem to melt away during the time you are doing yoga.
Doing yoga will give you an increased awareness of your own body
Joints becomes more flexible and you enjoy life.
I think Yoga is like a necessity for everyone just like we eating food Smile Yoga was originated in India but various forms of it are practiced in different countries with different names.

I personally feel the need of it as it brings mental calmness and a good working body as well as mind.
Try it for 10 minutes just for one day and you'll feel the difference Smile
Hi All,
Yoga is great to reduce weight and stress and to improve health. Some benefits of routine yoga are:
Yoga relief stress,
Yoga reduces weight,
Yoga brings flexibility in your body,
Yoga helps in breathing better,
Yoga increased your strength,
Yoga relief pain.
Yoga stable autonomic nervous system balance
Yoga reduce high blood pressure,

In yoga, the breathing exercise (pranayamam ), calm you mind in minutes
release excess pressure from your muscles.

continues monitor the heart beat, pressure of your body and do pranayama,
you see the graph coming down in minutes.
Now a days, i''m daily evening doing Yoga.
Keep you Healthy and Fit.
Yoga is indeed great exercise.
Anyone tried the Bikram yoga, where you do yoga in a very very hot room, where you sweat a lot and stretch your body / muscles as well.
Yoga are so good for the health there are so many benefits of yoga like you can reduce the weight and maintain the body fitness, it is so good to increase the stamina power and also good to memory power so yoga are good for the health.
no time to yoga, i always be busy with my work and game... Sad
Yoga are so good for the health there are so many benefits of yoga such as it reduce the weight, it is so beneficial for the heart patients because it prevent heart disease, yoga are the best to control the blood pressure and it is best to increase memory power so yoga are the best for the health.
hello fri

Yoga not only gives u a good health it also gives u a good nature and good personality.........everyone doing yoga daily .i also doing this Smile
Yoga is too hard for some people. And some may prefer more exciting sports~
my old friend from australia love this kind of excfercise and i think i gonna try thidsoney soon.
There are many benefits of Yoga
Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium
Pulse rate decreases
Respiratory rate decreases
Blood Pressure decreases
Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) increases
EEG - alpha waves increase
EMG activity decreases
Cardiovascular efficiency increases
Respiratory efficiency increases
Gastrointestinal function normalizes
Yoga is good for every humans
Hi all Yoga and cardio both of these are helpful for fitness and body muscles.Do regular cardio and yoga an do get healthy body fitness.
inuyasha wrote:
Yoga is too hard for some people. And some may prefer more exciting sports~

Anyone can do Yoga. It's just you need to choose the right asana for you. first simple and easy once and when your body get used to you can do more advance stuff. I have started doing Yoga since last year and I really enjoy it. It's really great for stress and tiredness and many things.
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