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Asthma problem

My 9 month old baby girl is suffering from Asthma problem. What precautions should I take?
Its not the kind of question you should be trusting random strangers to answer,ask a doctor.
truespeed wrote:
Its not the kind of question you should be trusting random strangers to answer,ask a doctor.

I know that this is a medical problem and the doctors are the best to give its answer. But sometime we may found one or more member from this forum whose own baby or nearest one's baby have gone through the same problem and now are safe. If they share their experience this will help us. In the previous occasion when my baby was suffering from neonatal jaundice I have got several good suggestions from this forum.
I'm pretty sure that there are several online sites, and ayurvedic as well, that may help with your baby's asthma problem.

Probably one suggestion I have, is to get a humidifier or air cleaner device, which can help for breathing better.

Still.... better to consult professionals.
what made you say it's asthma?
Chiropractic is not a treatment for asthma. However, many who suffer from asthma report improvement by receiving chiropractic care.

There is research that suggests a link between the spinal column, the nervous system and the respiratory system. This may be why many have mentioned improved breathing by consulting our practice.

Countless Causes

Asthma cases seem to be rising at an alarming rate. Some think it’s due to a combination of factors, especially the increase of chemicals in our environment. These days, airtight, super-insulated homes can trap chemicals, molds, formaldehyde and other irritants. Even the increasing use of cesarean births, antibiotics and our fascination with germ killing have been cited.

If these factors were the only issue, why wouldn’t all children living in the same house and breathing the same air, suffer equally?

Chiropractic Connection

Our diaphragm is the primary muscle used for breathing. Nerves that control each breath leave our brain and exit the spinal cord in the mid-neck (C3, C4 and C5) area. Spinal problems in this area can have a profound affect on the nerve supply to the diaphragm.

Reducing subluxations in the spine may help restore proper nervous system control of the lungs and improved function can begin.
More Research is Needed

In fact, research published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research documented the results experienced by 81 children with asthma who received chiropractic care. The two-month study revealed that those under care saw a 45% decrease in the number of “attacks” and that 31% of the subjects voluntarily chose to decrease their medication.

All this from improved nervous system control of the lungs!

Chiropractic care may help reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Naturally, we can’t make any promises, however, if your son or daughter has subluxations, and they are the cause of their symptoms, many have found relief with conservative chiropractic care.

This is Tiffany Fairbanks, and I am a mother like you. Hope this helps..

By the way, I can introduce you a chiropractor.
sudipbanerjee wrote:
My 9 month old baby girl is suffering from Asthma problem. What precautions should I take?

Firstly, talk to your doctor. A Pediatrician will be able to tell you exactly what type of asthma your baby has and what medications she should be taking (and when)

Sometimes it will be a seasonal asthma, so that medicines can be given only in those few months when there is a chance for getting symptomatic asthma. Others will be triggered by dust or pollen and will be adviced to be careful to avoid such exposures
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