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Has anyone been to Finland?

One of my grandparents is Finnish, so I am interested in travelling to Finland. I would love to hear about people's experiences and reviews.
The Finns love to be out there to move actively. It is seen especially in parks for people who can dogs with strollers, with kids in the snow, walking, jogging or Nordic walking with poles. You will also find it really great, over frozen lakes, rivers or the sea to run, even if the ice melts on the banks know ... especially love them but the cross-country skiing - even on the smallest of parking spaces! Some colleagues told me that they go before school or during school time with their classes right after school or go skiing. Cross-country skiing on the weekend is a must for many colleagues! From my window I can see this activity in the park is always very good!
The Finns love licorice and in all varieties! As the newest invention, the combination of chocolate and licorice-filling has been placed on the market (which it has done to me - I love licorice and chocolate, and now even two in one - great!)!
The sauna is an important part of Finnish culture. Almost every Finnish family has a sauna - either a dedicated or multi-family house on a community sauna. In the sauna warm themselves on not only in the cold winter, no, the sauna is in the summer houses of the standard equipment.

For bathing in the sauna, the Finn takes no rules, anyone can go at their own discretion in the sauna - so many times in a row as he wants, and at temperatures that are acceptable to him. Also, alcohol is not taboo in the Finnish sauna, and the term "Sauna Beer" in the Finnish language is already commonplace. The sauna is for the Finns also no private room, but it frequently also come together for the common friends sauna evening.

I would love to visit Finland one day! It may be an extremely cold place, but the warmth from the people I'm sure would compensate.
rogue_skydragon wrote:
I would love to visit Finland one day! It may be an extremely cold place, but the warmth from the people I'm sure would compensate.

Well said Rogue !

If I do get to put aside enought time and money to travel, I think Finland would be one of the places I should visit Smile
An ideal destination for families, forests and lakes, as far as the eye can see. Children can play carefree, explore nature and take a bath. The pretty wooden houses and the hospitality of the Finns invite you to linger.
At best, you can enjoy the summer in a rather small hut - as the Finns call their holiday cottage. Of these there are, especially on the Finnish lake lots, the holiday region 300 km north of the capital Helsinki.
Hikers should, according to Linnansaari, go to the National Park between Rantasalmi and Savonlinna in the east or Kolovesi Park. The Finland is like a picture book: huge forests amidst a quiet lakes. In August, life comes into this idyll. Then strip Finnish families picking through the undergrowth, blueberries and cranberries, mushroom picking. Wildlife. The berries may also be the 1,000 brown bears that live here again. Especially on the border with Russia should be humming or singing while hiking. That is to sell the 350-pound powerhouse.
Do not forget about the technological part-- Most mobile phone users in the world and the birthplace of --Nokia.

However, Helsinki is an amazing place to visit.

An interesting article on Finnish people

10 Things I Learned About Finland
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