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Do you cook for yourself and your family?

Do you cook for yourself? If you have family, do you cook for your family?

What do you like to cook for yourself? What do you like to cook for your family?

How often do you cook for yourself? How often do you cook for your family?

How often do you go to restaurant? How often do your family go to restaurant?

What type of food do you like to order for yourself? What type of food do you like to order for your family?

Do you take out food from restaurant for yourself or your family?

What type of food is your favorite take out food? What type of food you like to take out for your family?
i cook and i have family. since nobody like my cooking, so i just cook for myself. of course i'll ask them if they want something first before i cook. usually nobody care.
Sometimes i not like my mom's food.
So i cook some side dishes.
My mom cooks better. I can only cook instant food Smile
mom cooks very well but I also want to cooks and try which types of test I can Improve. Very Happy
I am also cooking for my family daily.

i am making different things daily.

some times vegetables some times meat like chicken etc and fish too
i am cooking three times daily.Breakfast.lunch and dinner
i usually like to cook pasta that is easy to make and tasty
we are not going often resturant to eat because our kids are small.
we usually prefer to eat at home.
i only cook when i am alone....but if sometimes i wanted to eat something very special, i will cook for my wife loves the way i cook with all those veggies that i prepared for her and my kid.
___Yes I cook for myself
This is my one of my best dishes Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy ___

___Yes I cook for myself
This is my one of my best dishes Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy ___
I like to cook and, assuming we have food in the fridge, then I try to make something every day. Mostly I was cooking for myself and, for a while, it was simple stuff like chicken and hardly anything else. Sometimes I would just eat cereal or bread with peanut butter because I just didn't want to go down to cook (this was because I didn't like my roomates and they made a huge mess in the kitchen every day!).

Since I've been living with my boyfriend we've been cooking meals together. I am passing along my knowledge of cooking since I've made a lot of foods he hasn't (like meats and potatoes) but there are things I don't really know how to cook (like rice and fish). Meals are kind of simple right now, we might have chicken or beef with potatoes and then we might have a garden salad or we'll cut up some veggies. I never cook veggies since I hate the taste and smell of them when they're like that. When we get out own place soon I hope to expand on the cooking front and make some more unique and flavourful meals.

As for eating out we both like having sushi every couple weeks, and sometimes we'll grab a lunch at subway. I guess we try not to eat out too much since we want to save money. I also feel that what we make at home is healthier.
I go through phases.

At the moment we cook about 4 times a week. We is both my partner and I. He usually cooks the meat and I prepare everything and cook veges or pasta or salad etc. His meat tastes awesome lol.

If I get lazy though he won't cook we will buy takeaway.

lately I haven't been very inventive, I am just trying to eat less and cheaper so mostly chicken/turkey/sausages/roo and steamed veg lol and I try to eat a pasta salad most lunches or some kind of pasta/bread/rice thing.

When we eat out we eat fish and chips or charcoal chicken mostly, or go to a restaurant. Probably go to a restaurant once a week average (or pub meal).
We never eat outside., but we cook everyday ., i cant myself cook but i try and help to cook.
nguyenvulong wrote:
___Yes I cook for myself
This is my one of my best dishes Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy ___

___Yes I cook for myself
This is my one of my best dishes Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy ___

Hey what is this dish., it looks good.
In my home, kids daddy generally do not cook.
However the day before yesterday (ie Sat. 24-Mar-2012) daddy offered to make tea as he had not been liking the tea since 2 weeks.
And amazingly the tea made by him was good.

Here is his way of doing.
Boil milk little bit. Remember that I have said 'boil' not warm.
Add fennel seed, Elaichi (ie Cardamom or cardamon) if you want.
Add water if you want.
Add/pour tea. We use tea bags. In that case drop tea bag(s).
Boil to the point until color appears what is expected.
Add sugar if you want.

And enjoy.
Yeah, I cook for myself. It's cheaper and healthier. I cook vegan food. Lots of kale, quinoa, lentils, tofu, and seitan. I probably cook 5 times a week.
I go to restaurants sometimes. I like middle eastern food and indian food a lot. I go out to eat about 2 times a week. We always order vegan food at the restaurants.
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