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Do you love writting

You can try blogging. I'm interested in writing! thats why me created my blog
Love writing, but it has always been a struggle for me.
I am also interested in writing but my mostly work in computer.
Well, I love writing. I'm pretty good at it when I'm in the mood to write. I'll put everything I've got in my mind to create a good work. It's one of the subjects I'll be studying since it's included in the course I'll be taking in the near future. So probably, it can one of my source of income. Smile
Writing is awesome. I like to write my own stories on my blog. They help me get a better grip on my writing skills. They also allow me express myself creatively.
Hmm I used to want to be an author when I was younger... that was back when i was in my fantasy phase. ^_^; Used to write some of the most ludicrous (now that I look back at them) stories ever.

I don't do much creative writing right now though. Usually write just to communicate or retell some events (my blog, pretty much). The most condensed writing pieces I've done in that past few years have all been for school. I was going to enter the NaMoWriMo last year but was too busy to even get started...
I loathe writing.
I thought you were talking about writing and typing before I entered Very Happy
I love typing very much because it's fast and convenient but one of myfriends likes writing letters and diaries instead of emails and blogs.
I really love writing and I'm pretty good at it. I like writing so much that's why I created my own blog. Plus, combined with my fascination in technology, it is really a great pleasure doing both the things you loved. If you also love writing, start your blog as soon as possible because it is one of the best ways to show your love about it by continuously writing.
I love writing very much. And writing became a more dependable method of recording and presenting transactions in a permanent form.
writing is tough. i love it, but i think i almost write too much. and its hard to make a living out of writing as i see by my sisters work. art in general is luck but writing is one of the toughest because its all about recognition. if people apreciate your work.. and luck. i mean that counts for almost everything in live / work but here u really need luck if u want to write only what u love and not for the mass of people, some commercial stuff.
ya i love writing and thats why i have two blogs and a website which host all tutorials and guides written by myself..Smile
Writing is great. It's also a great skill to have in life. From schoolwork to professional life, it's important to be able to write well. I think blogging is a great way to hone this skill if you're no longer in school or write a lot.
I like writing to a point, not a book wise writing but just writing to myself like a personal journal so yea.

I'm bad with grammar and punctuation, so I tend to do stuff myself rather than letting others do it for me, I like keeping my feelings a secret! Razz
I'm on fire for languages but not literature~ I don't think I really like writing but you know it's not always the case. I write blogs sometimes, when something extraordinary happens or I just suddenly want to record my day. I love reading by the way Very Happy .

Now a days I like careful and planned writing
Sometimes, valuable things will drive me to write online, such as very great news, In general , I prefer reading instead of writing
Everyone needs to expressing ,someone select talking,but writting is better.
ya some times i love writing .. even though exams. ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!
I used to love writing up until I finished Highschool. Then for some reason I just stopped. Before that I used to write really long and good essays and reviews, I would be very active on forums.

But about 3 years ago, all of that stopped and now I only contribute with short messages and if a topic required more input, I just skip it altogether. I guess now I just don't have as much time as I used to, but I would really like to get back into writing, it's so relaxing and creative.
Yes, I love writing. We done I get a relief as I have con vied the idea. I like to write related to science topic
I'm not sure what "writting" is. But I do like writing, not so much in essays, but in blog form. Although sometimes it takes forever for me to put words down on paper. Which sometimes becomes an obstacle, since there are so many things competing for my time. If it takes an hour to write a couple of paragraphs, it begins to lose it's appeal. However, if I know there's an active audience, then there is much more motivation to write on a consistent basis.
Writing is much broader than blogging. I suspect that you can write wonderfully and still find blogging awkward and strange. While you can twist blogging to be many different things, it's kind of a different medium.
I would if I was good at it and had a great imagination as well.
justify wrote:
ya some times i love writing .. even though exams. ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

You love exams?! Shocked Your hobby isn't seen everyday~ Any special reasons?
abhizz wrote:
You can try blogging. I'm interested in writing! thats why me created my blog

I am not interested in writing ! Twisted Evil
yes, Writing for yourself or for others is very good paying online job to earn extra money. Probably writing for others is more beneficial than our self. But, Good writing skill is required to get more and more money.
I write every day some text. In this way I learn to express myself.
I do like to write. I remember being younger I at one point I just picked up some paper and a pen and I sat in my room and wrote out a story (a short one, about 50 pages double sided). When I had my own computer I would type up things from my dreams and spin them into stories. I usually struggle though, because I never want the story to end and I just try to write more and more and more. I must confess that my writing skills are kind of average. I probably offend a lot of people on here with my blog posts because I'm misusing the English language. APOLOGIES!
I love writing. I used to write a lot when I was young. I have written a lot of stories, and also some poems. I am especially interested in science fiction. Hence, my stories tend to center around alien civilizations and time travel (sometimes a combination of the two, hehe).

I had also started a blog where I intended to finish my novel. It's not sci-fi but the story was pretty touching. I never got around to finishing it though. Perhaps I'll start writing again once I get some free time.
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