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Fitness/Stamina help please

Hi Newbie poster here,

Ok forgive me but ill try to explain the background to my problem as it will probably help with the advice im after. I am 33 (nearly 34) year old male. I am not overweight, infact my BMI is spot on. However I am not `strong`. I have played sport all my life and for the last 4 years I have been playing Sunday league 11-a-side as a goalkeeper and 6 years before that 5-a-side also as a keeper once a week. A friend has convinced me to start training with another club once a week but they have decided to play me as a striker. Just got back and I lasted only 70 minutes before my legs decided to go on strike and refused to do anything my head (which still believed the rest of my body was about 18 years old! All very fustrating as I knew what I wanted to do but could simply not keep it up for long enough).

Basically it comes down to after years of playing in goal, although im relativly fit i have the wrong type of fitness to play outfield and i want to address this. I'm guessing i need stamina/cardio work. I really detest gyms and work does not leave me much spare time. I reckon I could go jogging maybe three times a week. I am guessing a change in diet would help but would like advice on what i should be eating to help my stamina. I dont have the healthiest of diets, beer and oven pizzas, im ashamed to say are the norm. Also, are there any other stamina related activities i could do say 15 minutes worth a day that would help. I know that isnt a lot of time but I am concious that I need to be able to sustain this as it is a long term thing. I really would appreciate any help or advice and my apologies for the long post.
I'm in same situation as you. I tried many things - tried to eat more protein, work out in Gym - it helped me minimally.
Eating mroe and doing more sports is good for you.
just go out and run, run, run...
anyone tried red bull?
The five components of health-related physical fitness include muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition. While each of these components contributes equally to overall physical fitness, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance relate specifically to overall endurance and stamina.
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