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OurPortfolio Graphics Design Studio


I wanted to go ahead and advertise my Graphics Design Agency, OurPortfolio. Below you will find more information on the Agency itself ...

OurPortfolio History:
OurPortfolio is a small, freelancing agency located in Orlando, Florida. Our objective is to provide each client with a custom, unique, and professional Design that meets their needs. We focus on delivering our product in the fastest time possible, but yet not sacrificing the Design's quality. We provide service to small businesses, agencies, and the entire global market.

OurPortfolio was established in the year 1998 with the former name of Boricua Productions. Over the years we have gained more and more experience and knowledge of the Graphics Design World. OurPortfolio was founded by brothers, Daniel and Samuel Otero. Both designers have over 7 years of experience and have always been dedicated to their work. They enjoy creating each and everyone of their client's designs. As of now OurPorfolio added a New Designer to their Staff. Israel Otero, cousin of Daniel and Samuel Otero, focuses on the Mascots aspect of OurPortfolio's clients. Israel has been experienced in his position for over 10 years and is always coming up with new and fresh ideas for his clients. When OurPortfolio was founded it was founded with the vision to provide small businesses with the modern, stylish, unique, and proffesional service that other Graphics Design businesses lack. We focus on the client and their needs only.

We, at OurPortfolio, feel that each time we Design we dont just sell a product, but we also interact with clients and people who are very interesting. Besides the fact of learning more of the Graphics Skill, we enjoy communicating with clients and getting to know them. So, become a part of the World Wide Web Revolution, experience the work of OurPortfolio today!


I hope you all check out the Site and give me some feedback on what you think of it. If you are looking for anything related to Graphics Design feel free to fill out the FREE Quote Form located on the site, we will reply in approx. 24 hours ... Thanks for reading!

Wow...simply beautiful, amazing job. It has a nice clean-cut feel to it and is well organized. Also, the colors are great. Very Happy Though Opera has a few problems with it...I wonder how good it would look in IE? Shocked

Thank you for the kind compliments. I'm glad you like the Site. I do have to work on my Coding Skills so that it all works out with other Popular Browsers - this is why I made the statement on the index.html page of the site about how the preffered Browser is Internet Explorer. In IE you'll be able to see the 100% actual view/potential of the Site. Once again, thanks ...

- Danny
very, very good!
Do i really see tables in the source....oh my.The recent news menu dose not look so good in firefox.But the rest looks good.
Sterling Job. So clean cut, fresh and professional. I like it.
Cool site, though the page loading bar may be excessive for current content...
Like being said on your website, FireFox and your website... hmmm... Very Happy

I have to say that you have a VERY VERY nice website!
And the logo's and banners are just so nicely done!!!

James Smile
Thanks all for the kind comments, I'm glad you like the Designs and Website ... I do know FireFox and My Site are not that friendly, lol, but I'm learning coding now, so I have much to learn ... I also know I have tables in the code - I know CSS/XHTML would be much better, but I'm still learning like I said ... Anyways, thanks for all the replies!
That is a good placed work!!professional ..there is nothing to disturb your costumers indeed:)
so good luck
nice graphic design.
I'm running it in the SBC Yahoo! browser, but I took a look in it in IE as well. It looks lovely. The orange/navy combo is simply beautiful and makes the whole site look professional. I love contrasting colors. Nothing bad to say orginization and I like the simplicity of the images. It helps customers focus on the content of the portfolio rather than the layout. Beautiful but not distracting, wonderful work!
very good man
very very good
simply wonderful.

Only thing i have to say is that im not very happy that it doesnt work 100% with firefox. I use that as my main browser. Try seeing if you can adapt it to fit firefox and IE. Its good that you made a note to the veiwer letting them know of this discrepency however.
Thank you all for the feedback. I really am trying to make the Site be All-Browser Friendly, but I'll need to finish up CSS/XHTML Coding Classes for that to occur. I'm glad you all like my work and think it looks professional - this is what I was hoping. If you guys ever need a Logo, Banner, Mascot, or NonCoded Template done you know who to contact ... Remember we offer FREE Price Quotes - so there's nothing to loose! Talk to you guys soon ...

I like the layout.
The only problem in firefox (1.07) is that the sidebar is a bit off and so is the footer.

It's a very nice layout.
Good job.


Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it ... I know of those little errors in other browsers, I just have to recode the website, but I haven't had the time to do it ...

- Danny
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