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Places in Kerala

Kerala has always enchanted everybody with its enchanting beauty and the panorama of lovely landscapes, beaches, waterways, coconut palms and wildlife. There are many attractive places in Kerala.

One of the important cities in Kerala is Kochi or Cochin, which is known for the breathtaking beauty of the union of the sea and sky. The beautiful sky over the harbor and the swelling of the untamed ocean is an epitome of beauty. It is a treat to watch the Vembanad Kayal, the largest lake in Kerala, looking silver gray in the daylight, with a couple of country boats moving ponderously slow over the vastness of the water.

Kottayam is another attractive city in the state of Kerala. Kottayam literally means fort (kotta) and inside (akkam). Kottayam is very famous among the tourists for its exotic backwaters. It is basically a mountainous region and is rich in scenic landscapes, backwaters, bird sanctuaries, temples and churches.

Palakkad is also known as the granary of Kerala. It is famous for its valleys, hillocks, rivers, forests, mountain streams, dams and irrigation projects. It is situated at the foot of the Western Ghats and is the gateway of Kerala from the North. Palakkad is a composition of the words Pala (the Alsteria Scholaris tree) and Kadu (forest). It was once a beautiful stretch of forests covered with the fragrant flowers of Pala tree.Many other places in Kerala are gifted with natural beauty that has touched the hearts of a million. Hence these places have been proclaimed as the].
I too love kerala. Gods own country ! Best place for tourism.
The Famous Top 10 Places to Visit in Kerala :

1. Kochi referred to as the Queen of Arabian Sea.
2. Idukki is dense forest location encircled with streams,
3. Munnar is most famous hill place.a strong wooden forests, countrywide recreational areas bird-wildlife sanctuaries.
4. Alappuzha famous water town-ship of Kerala can be called Venice of the east.
5. Kottayam is really a small town surrounded by spectacular Vembanad Lake and also Mick areas.
What do you klnow about the beaches of this land called Kerala...
I have heard many things about this ,that it is one of the best beach locations in entire India where the nature and the beauty is just look like copy of the european beaches....What kinda opinions do you have for that ???
Munnar is another excellent place for visiting. The lush green tea plantations make you feel so lost, magnificent. Kumarokom is another wonderful place, if you like to experience house boats. Somehow, I visited during the off peak season, toward the end of monsoons and the rains there felt so good.
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