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Business Tips For Success

If you are running a business, the success or failure will depend on your ability to reach and maintain the right customers. However, it differs from your skills, your talents, and your capabilities. You are your own product.
More than any other business, your success will greatly depend on how you deal with your customers and how you package yourself.
There are some tips that can help your business find success.
# Try to focus on what you do best, and spend as much of your time as possible doing it.
# A good business plan is the cornerstone of any successful organisation.
# Know your costomers and Treat your customer well.
# Think about marketing.
Easy to say, more difficult to do. I think building your business is long process and it requires a lot of self-discipline and a lot of perseverance. I may not give up if you face small problems.
You need to perservere and to be greatly involved. But most of all you need to like what you do!
If you like something very much you are always very involved. You must be passionate about what you do and never give up if you face a little obstacles on your way.
Life is never easy and you must always fight to achieve something. So be indomitable!
Easy to talk/say/know about Business its difficult as hell if you're an entrepreneur
Unfortunately, life is not easy. We always have to fight about everything we would like to achieve. We have limitations by our genes and we can not do anything about it so we must think positively.
Thanks for sharing with the tips..
Also, just give it a shot. Don't shy away from an idea - and with the internet, ideas can be executed cheaply.
pll wrote:
You need to perservere and to be greatly involved. But most of all you need to like what you do!

I agree with this, that you need to like what you do. It can't be all about the money, although for some, thats what its all about, and for a few, thats what they are good at making.
But each one has their own talents and capabilities, and they should focus on what they are good at.
Of course planning and study of their plan is also vital and important.
For a successful business plan is a must. The plan means thinking in advance what to do, how to do. Think about all the problem you may be facing ahead.
Aaaaand the number 1 business tip: NEVER LISTEN TO YOUR MOM. In fact, going the opposite way to what she suggests is more often than not the way to go.

Our mothers want the best for us, but because of that they prefer low risk/low reward scenarios. After all, who would want to regularly get stressed by the risk that your child will end up broke and homeless?

Still, it's those who are willing to give everything they got and sacrifice conveniences for one shot at glory that end up successful and make the world go round.

Unless, of course, your surname is Hilton Wink
Small Business Stats - 9 out of 10 fail - 5 out of 10 last five years or more and fail.

Biggest reason that small business fail is because a person might be a great engineer and have the greatest product idea ever - and know exactly how to product the highest quality product possible. But does said person know how to run or manage a business? - or how to market or advertise a business? - or how to deal with customers of their business? Typically the answer is no - and the problem is that most start ups suffer from inability to pay for these services or hire quality people to perform them and end up failing.

The other thing that happens is that they are tight on funds so they hire family to perform some of the jobs in the company - so a brother or wife becomes the manager or marketer, cousin or sister does the books - they have no idea of what they are doing and typically keep the company afloat for a few years until it crashes and burns.

Yeah the two income models - 1) get an education - get a job - better your self at your job - advance in pay - save for retirement - and retire in luxury. OR 2) Start a business grow it into a huge corporation make millions and retire in luxury

These two scenarios are both failed models - and rarely for a few individuals succeed - and national statistics bear this truth out Sad
Manage your energy well, be smart about what to invest it in, and get good at deciding what is and is not relevant. I know several folks who are good at building business, and many more who suck at it. I have come to realize that most of the good ones have a gift for it. There is a special charisma and energy present in them.
A detailed business plan, determination, a killer idea and decent knowledge of your market are essential. You also need to know how you are going to market your business using advertising etc. Remember social networks - they are excellent for publicising your business and could attract users/customers. But above all is your patience and perseverance, because it's definitely not easy and you won't be able to get a salary for some time!
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