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Gimp - Sig making:N00b to pro!(finally finished)

Right, welcome to my N00b to Pro! tutorial for GIMP. I will start you guys out with a basic, very basic sig and gradually move up. Hope you guys like it, and if any help is needed let me know, feedback is also greatly appreciated.
Some keys before you start.
when i say GIMP toolbox, i mean this:
Also, make sure your sig applies to frihost's sig size rule! (50kb max i believe)


1)Create a new image, make it 350X120 and under advanced options, fill it with White.

2) open up your GIMP toolbox. Double click on the primary color (the one on the top. Secondary is the one on the bottom) and it will bring up the color selection window. Play around with the settings here until you get a color you like. This is the only part i am going to be letting you do whatever you want for T_T . Anyway, i am going to choose blue.

3) Again in your GIMP toolbox, chose the Dump tool. This tool is the one
that looks like a paint bucket. Now go back to your image and click on it. Notice that your image is now filled in with the color you picked.

4)Now we add in the picture. We are going to be using this:

(right click, save as, open with GIMP)
This part is a little long, so i wrote another tutorial for it. The picture is different, but the concept is the same. Go here for my render tutorial.

5)Okay! Welcome back! Hopefully by now you have the render completely cut out and pasted into your image!If not, well, do it again. I'm not sure if i covered this in the render tutorial, but make sure you anchor the pasted layer onto the backround layer. Once pasted in, moved, and anchored, you should have this.

6)This is not a necessary step at the moment, but you can do it if you want to. Go to the GIMP toolbox, and select the "Blur or Sharpen" tool. Lightly go around the edges of the render. It's barely noticeable, but now the render is blended into the image a bit better.

7) Now we add text. Go to Filters>Text>FreeType. The fonts in here are your default, but you can get some really good ones from . Make sure before you add your text, the color you want it to be is set. When freetype adds the text, it is the color you have as primary. I switched my primary to white.Go ahead and type in "I make sigs in GIMP!" you may have to do this on two lines. I used the Colony Wars font, at 10 px. and white. This is what i got:

Congrats! You are now a GIMP n00b!(it's not bad)
Please Post your results!

Intermediate Tutorial
Pro Tutorial
interesting! thanks for the effort! would you like to make a sig for me? i like the work Smile
nice work not bad at all il stick to adobe photoshop im gd at gd but dats a vrey diff way to make a sig because the pictures are bad quality u shud have big picture.
what do you mean? Big picture as in like the whole screen? Thanks artur.h, i'm a bit late for your sig though >_>
Nice tutorial. I always wanted to make myself a sig but just dunno how to do it.
Great tutorial for a dumb n00b like me that doesn't even know how to make a nice graphic.

I'm going to try it soon.

[edit] lol. i can't do it.
hehe, solutions:
1)Keep trying, it's rather confusing at first
2)Tell me whats going wrong, i can fix it, i went through it all Wink
nice job looks great
Eyre wrote:
hehe, solutions:
1)Keep trying, it's rather confusing at first
2)Tell me whats going wrong, i can fix it, i went through it all Wink

I don't get whats a grunge brush and it looks weird when I use the pencil to "scratch" it.
Eyre tell you the truth, i dont know the actual definition of "grunge" i just know a grunge brush when i see one. I will fix that.

Grunge=The state of being covered with unclean things.

I'm guessing that it means it's pretty much a crazy brush.

To your second question:What do you mean by "scratching"? I hate doing this stuff on forums because of the lack of emotion and quick responses. If you have MSN or AIM, i'll see if i can help you out Razz
i prefer a little sig and more simply... but thats is fine...
Wow, thanks for posting this, now i can make sigs in Linux Very Happy
heh, i really want to see what you guys make from this, if it isnt too much, post what you made Smile
Hmm..I need to make a good sig soon, maybe you can help me out Razz...I've tried good tutorials, but I can't seem to find any styles that I like
yep! if the tutorial confuses you, feel free to MSN me. I dont really get on AIM, so that's not your best bet Laughing
Welcome to the second part of my tutorial!

Level:Intermediate::::This tutorial assumes that you have read the beginning level or are already good enough to do this.

Starting note:This stage SUCKS. Seriously, i believe nothing good can come out of here, this stage is mainly based on brushing, backround, and same color images. Don't get totally discouraged if your results from this are bad. Mine were too Razz. Work it out! Your almost at advanced!

Step One: The first thing we are going to do is create a new image. Make it 400x120 this time.

Step Two:Now we are going to use a brush. Brushes are kind of like a real life stamp. You click your mouse button, the pattern appears. For this tutorial, we are going to be using this brush. Click save to desktop, and unzip it (VERY IMPORTANT STEP) to C:Program files/GIMP/Share/GIMP/x.x/brushes. your brushes will NOT show up if not in this folder. So now that they are unzipped, we need to get the brushes window. In the GIMP toolbox, go to File>Dialogues>Create New Dock>Brushes, Patterns, etc.

Step Three:Now that your brushes window is open, go ahead an select one of our brushes. It doesnt matter which one, just as long as it's in the pack you downloaded. If you don't remember, it's called Lelya Abstract 4 (abreviated in the brushes window as LeylaA) Brush until you get something you like. This is what i got:

BRANCH:At this point, you can do two things. If you want your image to be the same color of your backround, go to step four. If you want it to be a different color, go to step five.

{BRANCH}Step Four: Now that you've got a nice backround, it's time to put in an image. It doesnt matter which picture you use for this tutorial. Just cut it out and paste it into your sig, but don't anchor it yet. Resize it to what size you want it to be, and now we are going to make it the same as the backround. With your pasted layer still selected and not anchored yet, click on Layer>colors>desaturate. Notice your image has turned grey now. Now you can anchor your layer. Then go to Layer>Colors>Colourize. Move the bars and color it. Then you can add text using Filters>Text>FreeType. This is my result:

{BRANCH}Step Five:Now that you've got a nice backround, let's color it. Co go to layer>colors>colourize or Colour Balance. It's your choice. Once you've got a nice color, go ahead and render out your image and paste it into your sig. Resize it to a cumfy size, place it right, and anchor the image down. Now add text using Filters>Text>Freetype.
My Result:

Hope you made it through okay! Please post your results.

Pro Tutorial
I tried that program, I didn't like it.. maybe it's because it was so confusing. Embarassed
it takes a while to get used to it. You just have to keep trying.
Ohh man what can i say, a very good tutorial. Thanks a lot!
Pretty neat , I don't use GIMP but I heard it is not bad .
yes it's pretty good. I use photoshop mainly now, but i still render everything in GIMP.
Welcome to the Pro stage of the GIMP sig making tutorial. I know the intermediate stage sucked, becuase that stage was just learning how to use brushes. This part you will learn how to use brushes and renders to create different stuff and moving around layers, as well as how to make a border. We aren't using a certain set of brushes or renders in this sig.

Please note that this image gets very big when being worked with and if your PC is anything like mine it will decide to be gay and go slow. Just bear with it Wink

Also note:I tried really crapily to apply some PS technique to GIMP and i think i used a horrible brush. Yours will hopefully look better Smile


1)Create your new image, i'm going to use 350x120. Fill it with black, and open up your render as well. (this tut assumes that your render is already cut out)

2)Find a nice abstract/grunge brush, and brushe your black image in white. Make sure you don't fill the image with your brushing. You should come out with something like this (it's not gonna look exactly like that):

3)Get your render and paste and align it in your sig. Paste your render in again. Now go into the layers window, click on your pasted layer, and go down and hit the new layer button. This should make your pasted layer become a transparent layer, which is what we want. Scale the layer to a width of 3500 and click the height so it adjusts. It should now be freaking huge. Move it around so that it covers the whole sig, with no space below showing. Also make sure that it's got a good amount of color.

4)With the enlarged layer still selected, use a bunch of blurs to get it all blury. It doesnt really matter which blurs you use, as long as it is blured a mediocre amount. Here is what mine looks like, try to make it something like that:

5)Now create a copy of your backround. This should be the brushed layer. Move your enlarged/blured render under that copy, then set the copyed layer's mode to something other than normal. Play around with the modes until you get what you want. Something like this:

Yes it looks like crap.

6)Now for the text. Grab your eyedropper tool. Select one of the majority colors and close the box that comes up. This sets that color to primary. Now put in your text, and it should be that color. Set your text where you want it.

7)Again make sure your majority color or whatever color you want your border to be is set on primary. Now select your backround copy, go into your image, Select>All. Edit>Stroke Selection> in this window make the width 3 pixels. Your border should now be on the image (once you hit ok). It should hopefully look something like this:

Save it as what you want it, and then use it. I really don't like what i made from here, i tried to apply some photoshop techniques to GIMP, and it didnt work out to well. Hopefully your's comes out better Wink. Keep experimenting and have fun.

Please show me your results!
Disclaimer: This tut does not make you a complete sig making pro. You've still got lot's to learn. Experiment with layer styles and blending. As well as text placement, effects, and styles.
I'm Ultra Photoshop Fanatic, this looks like image + filter...
didn't even bother to raed the tutorial... If it took more than 3 aqctions, it doesn't even noobish.
Sorry... Just my stingy opinion.
1) i have barely an idea of what you said
2) It is rather difficult to emulate photoshop techniques on GIMP
3) This tutorial doesnt make you a "pro" it just gets you heading there.
Bakusozoku wrote:
I'm Ultra Photoshop Fanatic, this looks like image + filter...
didn't even bother to raed the tutorial... If it took more than 3 aqctions, it doesn't even noobish.
Sorry... Just my stingy opinion.

...I liked it... if you dont appreciate someone trying to help other people thats just wrong. Oh and I really didnt bother to read your post. Razz
thanks Very Happy i'll probalby make a more complex tutorial somewhere down the road...for the people who think that any program that isn't photoshop shouldnt be used. Razz. I'll give them something they've never seen before.
im doing the intermediate tut right i downloaded the brush, but it doesn't show up..? when i click on it in my C drive folder, it comes up as a layer thing, not a brush. Idea
what steps did you take to download it?

For example:
1.Download brush.
2.unzip to your brush's folder.
3.refresh brush window.

I'm not too sure what you were asking? Hopefully that helps, but if it doesnt let me know.
I read your other tutorial about how to get a render, it was okay, and this tutorial is excellent. I can't wait to try it out Smile. Good job, and I don't think the sig you made in the Pro one looks that bad, but there is something about it that looks a little weird. Yet again, good job.
yeah, i think the only problem is the render. I don't think i blurred the enlarged version enough, and the purple stripe looks weird. I'll probably write a new one somwhere down the road maybe? Anyway's thanks for the compliments Very Happy
thanks for the great tutorial and it helps a ton! i was wondering if there's a way to use "gimp" to make the picture have flash elements within the sig, where like you have a entire message on your sig, but it plays parts of it at a time? or does that require more programs and such? and sorry if i'm hazy about what i'm asking =x
hmm...i think i know what your talking about. It's not an extra program, it's an extra pluging. It's called the GIMP GAP package (Gimp Animation Package). It kinda works like flash, except flash is WAY more extensive. you can get it here. it's a little bit down. i've never quite mastered it, i tried it once and i was horrible and got really angry and never went back to it Razz. I know people that use it and it works pretty well. enjoy.
That was the easiest tutorial ever! Thanks!
Yeah it's nice. I made this based on your tutorial, my first sig:

It's not good but i just learn!
i like your outcome!

here's a new tip i learned: Duplicate your render layer and set the duped layer to overlay. add's a little depth to the render.

nice outcome ^^
nice guide, took me while tho to figure out, but after lil playing i got it

heres my outcome, 2nd sig ever

Here's a link to several Gimp tutorials.

Here's a good Gimp users manual.
heres my outcome, 2nd sig ever

LOVE the outcome on that one!
Well, here's what i got

(copy the url, then paste in search bar) *in case you didnt already know*[/img]
Parrotlover1 wrote:
Well, here's what i got

(copy the url, then paste in search bar) *in case you didnt already know*[/img]

btw. that was intermediate, heres my pro, i didnt turn out so good, but theres always rom for improvment


well, i found your render, and i ended up with this. if you want to "unblur" your render, just reopen, then rescale to the size of your original one, and repaste it over the old one ( you might have to merge all the layers, so i did it last)

nice! did you duplicate the render layer and set it to overlay on that one? i don't remember if i mentioned that in the tutorial.
thanks for these tutorials, i loved them! so easy to understand, and i actually finished the intermediate one:) Thanks!
good to know Wink
keep up the awesome work guys.
Am I posting this late? Oh well

Heres my outcome:
Ye, I also have a problem with downloading the brushes and fonts. When I want to save it in the file brushes/fonts, it doesn't work. It's just an empty folder that says brushes/fonts. So can you kinda tell me what to do, cuz the other info didn't work. Also what's unzip? I'm only 14 Ok.

P.S I didn't make the R-Kade sig, someone else did, but...I did this in like 2 minutes lol.
Sorry Eire, I am a photoshop user but I have seen Gimp sigs hundreds of times better then your "Pro" tut, it is no better then a beginner one compared to master Gimpers
Disclaimer: This tut does not make you a complete sig making pro. You've still got lot's to learn. Experiment with layer styles and blending. As well as text placement, effects, and styles.

Thank you for your advice, but I never claimed that the pro tutorial would look like a masterful outcome. Also, I made this tutorial about two years ago.
This tutorial wasn't open for criticism, it was made to help newer Gimp users to get a hold of the program.
heres mine

I kinda used different brushes and added a border...

I was fooling around with background rendering and here's what I came up with: [see sig] Smile
(Great tutorial by the way, I wish the GIMP's path tools were easier Sad )
im kindof in a tangle here, i downloaded the brushes to desktop, unzipped, drag an dropped unzipped content into the folder you said... then i refreshed the brushes thing, and it didnt work Sad
do u have any idea what i did wrong ?
nice tutorial, i'll be trying out some of these techniques. i just found this tonight but i've been trying to make sigs for a couple weeks.
could you give me your opinion on this one i made recently.

heres my photobucket also
Sorry I've been gone so long guys T_T

im kindof in a tangle here, i downloaded the brushes to desktop, unzipped, drag an dropped unzipped content into the folder you said... then i refreshed the brushes thing, and it didnt work Sad
do u have any idea what i did wrong ?

Did you make sure you unzipped them to Gimp>Share>Gimp>2.0>Brushes? If that didn't work, sometimes the unzipping process will unzip another folder into the brush folder. You'll have to copy the contents inside that folder and paste them into the brushes folder. So basically, make sure you're sending brushes rather than a folder with the brushes.


Nice start there Wink. This tutorial is quite outdated, so if you're looking for more help try out Gimp Talk. They've got a nice group of people over there and plenty of awesome tutorials.[/url]
I can't find primary colors.Where are they??

It's cool!That was intermidate
I have a question. I'm on the last step of the first tutorial with the adding text...and I can't find that filter thing or whatever in order to add text. Is it a button or something? Maybe I'm blind x.x

well heres mine i got a lil confused along the way hahaha but here it is

i made 3 more the other 2 is in my sig

EDIT- sry for dbl post Shocked
could you upload the brush? coudlnt find it on the link u gave or on deciant art OR on google Sad
Maybe you should credit the brushes used for the tutorials ? W_W

Anyway no offence , but should try to blend the focal into the background more or it'll look like a piece of paper
This tutorial is kinda pointless, the images don΄t work.
Please update all the pictures again.

[url][/url] is a good host. It is for lifetime.
i got the free edition of gimp from portable apps will it work with these inturctions?
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