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Need Advice for Healthy Living After Major Heart Attack!

Hello! Everyone
This is My second Post here today so I thought I should at least give an intro and say Hello to All!!! Smile

OK! to my Question or actually my Statement after which I'd like any Sound Advice or suggestions,.
I am 51 years old and have had my second heart attack in 4 years, the first was a Minor one
(is there such a Thing) I didn't have hardly any pain and thought it could be severe Acid Re-flux
(heart Burn) well I went to ER and after a few test they determined I needed a stint!
Well the second heart attack I felt hit me like a Sledge early last Wednesday around Noon.
My wife wanted to drive me(said it' would be Quicker) to the Emergency Room but I told her this was a Major one and I needed an Ambulance because some how I just knew it was BAD & I would not Make it and I just could not Put her through that!
Well it turns out that my heart Did Stop just as the ambulance pulled into the Hospital, later that morning after I was In ICU my Cardiologist had told me that my heart had stopped 6 times and in just under 2 hours of CPR & after Shocking my heart 8 times they finally were able to finally able to
get my heart to keep a steady beat!!

I had been Smoking just over a pack a day for 34 years,I've Never eaten right and I'm always on the Move, as In working or doing home Projects 14-16 hrs a day every day!
Yet I don't really ever worry about the things that I can not Change (So Not Much Stress) but I love & eat Mostly Fried Foods or and all the BAD Things most of us People from the Country or that live in the deep woods love to Eat! Mainly Lots of Animals (FAT).
I have grew may own veggies but I would gladly pass most of them up anytime for an extra Chicken leg or 2 or 3!
I DID Quit Smoking the VERY Moment my Dr. told me I had Died at least 3 times that day( 3mins. to just over 5mins. each time with no heart beat) even though the rest of my life remains pretty much the same as before but I am looking for ways to Change that and I am Darn Sure Willing to Do It!

So Go ahead everyone Let the advise or Suggestions start Flowing, I need All the help I can Get!
And maybe a Swift Kick in the Rear just for good measure Laughing

Thank You !All
Heart healthy diet — Diet counseling is helpful for people who need to lose weight or reduce cholesterol levels. A registered dietitian is the best person to consult about foods that are helpful, appropriate portion sizes, total calorie recommendations, and realistic ways to change bad eating habits. Most cardiac rehab programs have a dietitian who is knowledgeable and experienced in advising people who are recovering from a heart attack.

Stop smoking — Cigarette smoking markedly increases your risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack, and stopping smoking can rapidly reduce these risks. One year after stopping smoking, the risk of dying from coronary heart disease is reduced by about one-half, and the risk continues to decline with time. In some studies, the risk of heart attack was reduced to the rate of nonsmokers within two years of quitting smoking.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs can recommend a treatment to help stop smoking, such as group programs, nicotine patches, gum, or nasal spray, or a prescription medication.

Treat high blood pressure — Medicines to control high blood pressure are often recommended after a heart attack. It is important to take these medications exactly as prescribed.

Treat high cholesterol — Medicine to lower blood cholesterol levels is also recommended after a heart attack.

Manage diabetes — People with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing complications after a heart attack. Tight control of your blood sugar can help to reduce the risk of these and other types of complications. Tight control can be achieved by losing weight, managing your diet, exercising, monitoring blood sugar levels regularly, and taking oral medications or insulin
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