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graphic design contest: win FH cash prizes!!

I now have the one and only, original, innovative FH epanhandling storefront in the marketplace
(see signature for link)

I would like to hire you to create my donation incentive badges. I currently have three types of incentive badges. You may receive up to 100 FH$ if you win, by popular vote, the best in all three badges, or 25 FH$ for the first two badges currently featured in the second post in my storefront, and 50 FH$ for the "big heart, big spender" badge. The FH$ award process will be monitored by no0bieforlife** so you can "submit with confidence"***.


Naturally I never claimed my hand would do the crafting. I was going to redistribute something like no0bieforlife's previous avatar "Gonzo rocks" but I thought I should consult the artistically talented community instead.

ground rules:

- All badges must be 24bit PNGs
- All badges must be no larger than 100 pixels wide and 75 pixels tall, but preferably smaller like 50 pixels square or 50 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall.
- creative transparency is encouraged but not required
- no profanity
- no blasphemy
- no pornography, licentiousness, or indecency
- no liberalism
- politically "incorrect" expressions are encouraged
- gonzo is conservative, and as his vote is worth 20 points you may want to reflect on the flavor of your image (captions)
- once voting begins no new entrants will be considered
- one week notice will be given prior to submission deadline in this thread
- image (urls) must be posted to this thread. PM submissions are invalid.
- the winning entry will become the property of gonzo in the full USC Title 17 sense
- "gonzo rocks" is a popular theme basis, but get a feel for the tounge in cheek nature of the storefront, and a "great moment in frihost history" for ideas

Popular vote means all the designs will be featured in a gonzoesque poll and each member who opts to vote will get a non weighted vote of "1" point. My vote will be worth "20" points + 15% of the point value of the top 30th voting percentile*. Voting is not void even where prohibitted, and not open to residents of france or the FH users: lib, xalophus, caaltt, or earthchild.

* If there are 100 votes, 9 entrants, and the most popular 3 options have received 60 points my vote will be worth 20+(.15*60) points.

** probably a typo, waiting on consent, gonzo may substitute with other FH moderator

*** ebay spoof

Great image hosting options include:
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