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On the rebound. Can it work?

My wife recently left me and I was terribly hurt by it. She was also seeing someone else. Theres this girl I knew before my (enforced) break up.
We have been going out for 3 months and i'm really happy. Why stop? and do you think it will last now?
I can't really tell from your story.. How are you going for 3 months?
anyway,, If you're doing fine now then I guess it doesn't matter whatever you had before
Only love can heal the broken-hearted. Smile
if you are happy with her and things are looking good, then move on. life is too short to spend it on being sad
dapopeyoh wrote:
life is too short to spend it on being sad

I like that attitude Smile It's a good one to follow. But if you think this might be because of a rebound, that isn't a good sign. When you question, it means you have doubts which isn't good. It could be that you're thoughtful and considerate and that is fine but if you feel that it's because of your break up then you best rethink how you feel because you want to make sure your feelings are genuine for this new girl rather than seeded from the need to have someone fulfill that place in your heart. But whatever you do make sure you are happy Smile That is the best motto to follow Smile Good luck!
loremar wrote:
Only love can heal the broken-hearted. Smile

That is true.... and there is no rule such as rebound, just follow your heart.
dapopeyoh wrote:
if you are happy with her and things are looking good, then move on. life is too short to spend it on being sad

I agree - If you are happy with her, it can work, and also if she is happy with you.
Just make sure you really love this new girl when you entered an intimate relationship with her. Otherwise, it might not work. Rebound relationships (relationships that exist for the sake of suppressing one's heartbreak) are never meant to work, UNLESS you are feeling a NEW LOVE from your heart.
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