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A Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones)

I haven't seen a thread on this excellent series, so here is one now.

I just finished reading through the five books that are out now, and I'm hooked. I've also seen the TV show, and can safely say that it does the series justice. The characters are awesome, but there's just so much risk in getting attached to them. Those who have read the series know what I'm talking about.

Anyone else read these books?
Made it partway through the first book, and trying to get back to it.

This is the trouble when borrowing books from a library, rather than buying them outright.

Great characters and character interaction, and I get why it's received such attention.
I'm currently reading the first book after seeing the tv series Game of Thrones, last summer. It's quite a descriptive book which could turn off many readers though. I do like all those details and knowing the relationships between certain persons, so I like reading it.

I'll probably read the second book too before watching the second season of Game Of Thrones which will probably make the books a bit more thrilling because I won't know the story yet.

The Game of Thrones tv series does a great job by the way, I remember a lot of scenes when I read through the first book. Smile
I'm almost done with the 1st book. Really well written! Would almost go as far as to say it is in the same league as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. A real masterpiece. Have been struggling to find a good book lately
After watching seasons 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones, I've decided to move this series to the top of my queue...
As our rabbit-photo friend, I'm currently reading the first book. And... Hm... I think it's just perfect!! I'm in the beggining yet, on that part where Jon Snow gets to the Wall. He got there now... It's always depressive the beggining of his chapters, but it ends quite good. I want to get to Daenerys chapter soon! Not because of that sexual stuff (hohohoho) but because her dragon egg just choked me! I really believe that, somehow, there still dragons out there in the Seven Kingdoms, or that egg still "alive" and the dragon inside there will go out anytime!

I haven't reached the middle of the book yet, but I already know what you mean about getting attached to characters. They die... I don't know WHO dies, HOW it dies neither WHEN. And I don't want to know u-u' I love Arya! She won't die *hellface* But I'm so so so so so sad about Mycah and Lady. Lady didn't deserved to die... Cersei DESERVES TO DIE! Poor (not that much) Sansa Sad'

So now... A character that I hate and love at the same time it's Tyrion Lannister. Ho ho! What a lovely and "hately" guy! xDD

I'm really happy I saw this topic, 'cause most of my friends said that the books were getting boring, and I was losing my "read-fellings". Now, I can't wait to finish A Game of Thrones and then all books 'till A Dance with Dragons!

From a lover from the story and the book cover,
I have not even heard of this book series, let alone read it, but by reading these posts here and reading reviews online, I would definitely give it a try. I love reading. Hate libraries though, won't let me keep a book long enough.
I had never heard of the series until my brother in law had me watch the TV show with him. After watching the first season I was hooked. I went out and found the book and burned through it at a steady pace. The second book I went through even faster. I had wanted to wait to read the third book til after I watched season 2, but I couldn't wait and ended up burning through that one as well. All before the second season came on!

I have the fourth and fifth books waiting for me on my shelf, but I have had to distract myself in other books before getting to them. I love the series so much that I want to extend it out as long as I can.

When my friend bought a kindle he was asking for books to get on it and this was the first thing I recommended to him. He's been going through them even faster than I ever did. And he is not known for his love of reading.

I'm really surprised a series that has been around for so long has gone unnoticed for so long.
i've started reading right before the series . i've ATE the first 3 books , i literally lost the track of time when i was reading the second and the third, i just finished the fourth book and Martin just makes us more eager to read the next one, i'm about to buy the fifth, but i'm afraid the sixth and seventh won't come out soon :/ ... martin should just put an end to my suffering and make a meteor come down on westeros.

but well there's winter coming
Fantastic series, and easily one of my favorites. The characters and story are brilliant. I've read the current five twice since A Dance with Dragons was released, and I just started listening to the series again in audiobook form. I've only watched the first season of the show, but it fits very well with the books.
The only problem with the Song of Ice and Fire series is that when I finished the latest novel it felt like a massive void was created in my life that can only be filled by his next novel. Easily some of the most engaging fantasy novels I've read to date, Martin just needs to release the last two books already!
Picked these up recently, and I can't put them down.

They are GOOD. Such an engaging read. I'm currently on the second book.
Mr_Howl wrote:
Picked these up recently, and I can't put them down.

They are GOOD. Such an engaging read. I'm currently on the second book.

You're in for a treat, my friend. It gets better and better the more you read.

How I hope that the author will manage to publish the next part within the next 3-4 years. Last time I had to wait so long that I graduated junior highschool, highschool, bummed around for a year and finished a year of college. But damn, it was really worth it Razz .
I was highly invested in this series for a while and spent a lot of time discussing and debating its merits online (on other forums.) But slowly I've tried to lower my expectation for the final two or three books simply because the series keeps getting bigger and bigger (it was originally envisioned as a trilogy, now it's 7 or 8 books) and I fear that the author will never finish the series any time soon, or that he won't finish at all. Sad
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