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Can cooking for yourself be dangerous?

I have recently been left alone and have been reasonably successful in my efforts to feed myself
However I made too much of this particular dish the other day (a kind of chicken casserole) and kept trying to finish it off and eventually threw the remains away.
The remainder I threw away was not the same colour of the initial portions and I'm thinking that's because the later portions had different amounts of fat in it.

Anyways I have been feeling a bit"off" for a couple a days so I'm definitely not cooking that again?

Anyone else experimented with dangerous cooking?
You can get food poisoning from your own food if you do not follow reasonable food safety measures...

Although a change in colour may not be dangerous, you may well be right about the fat, but with chicken you need to take all precautions. How did it smell?

*make sure meat and other refridgerated food is in fridge as long as possible
*don't put raw meat on a plate with anything else especially cooked meat
*look and smell your food and make a judgement
*if your leftovers will last more than 2 extra days, freeze some. Who wants to eat the same thing for that long anyway?

I can't think of anything else right now.

I gave my partner food poisoning once. The mushrooms looked old but I thought they'd be ok. They weren't.

Mind you, you are generally less likely to give yourself food poisoning then a restaurant etc.
Probably better to cook chicken from fresh, and then after your first cooking session, if there are left overs, freeze the chicken in small portions. That's what I do anyway. Not that I do it that often. I go through spurts.
chasbeen wrote:

Anyways I have been feeling a bit"off" for a couple a days so I'm definitely not cooking that again?

A) Could be something entirely unrelated. People do get sick from non-food sources sometimes, or it could be something else you ate.
B) Even if it was that dish, it sounds like it was the too-old leftovers that were a problem, nothing wrong with the dish itself, just sat around too long.

More generally, cooking for yourself can be perfectly safe (or at least as safe as can be) if you just follow some simple guidelines.
This page: is a pretty good start.
It's ok I survived although I lost a lot of weight, I would not recommend it as part of a Calorie controlled diet Sad
I don't think that it's dangerous to cook alone, but I suppose it can be dangerous to eat alone, since choking is always a possibility. But then again, you can self-Hiemlich yourself.
I once did some cooking when my friends at college showed me. Unfortunately I was so poor that I ended up eating gone off food. This was a hard time and quite miserable. I used to eat a lot of dried potato and that gave me belly ache (Probably because I did not dilute it much)
chasbeen wrote:
The remainder I threw away was not the same colour of the initial portions

The color of food will change because moisture content decreases especially if not sealed in a good container.
I read the title as:
Can cooking yourself be dangerous?

Well, duh.
Couple red flags... chicken, "kept trying to finish it off", color change, and floating "fat" bits (whatever)

chicken doesn't keep. The ideas of left-overs on chicken are to eat within a couple days of making it, or risk goes up -- way up. Chicken begins to go toxic in just an hour at room temperature, and cooling only slows this effect.

color change, and floating bits are bacterial. How else do you expect billions of tiny organism to look? They look like slimy little clusters, and that's an advanced stage of growth. Color change in fluid is a good indicator that it's being broken down by tiny engines that you can't see.

If you put soup, chili, chicken, beef, pork, or just about anything in the fridge, then it should come out looking exactly like it went in. If it doesn't then you didn't put it in a good container, or vacuum seal, and the food has been compromised -- throw it away.

Chances are you got salmonella (food poisoning) from the chicken which is fairly mild, but we probably wouldn't be having this conversation if you had eaten some bad canned chicken (ie from a dented can), as botulism is almost always fatal. Word to the wise: it's not the introduction of these day to day bacteria that kills you, but the introduction of large amounts of bacterial by-product (waste) which are neurotoxins that does the damage. Vomiting, in this case, usually comes far too late, and only serves to worsen the poisoning, and leads to dehydration.

It's obviously not dangerous for you to cook, as you accomplished that without calamity, but it appears, however, to be more dangerous for you to eat, my friend! Be careful... smell and taste ALL your food before consuming portions. We have natural defenses if you can take your time to listen -- most food poisoning comes from eating in a hurry. You can stop most bad cases of food poisoning if you are simply more aware of what you are eating.
Umm I don't really cook much so not many occurrences of dangerous cooking, I only make noodles, sandwiches, prepare milk and that's all about it!, for the rest I use microwave to heat up the food. As far as dangerous cooking is concerned I have a phobia using the lighter on the gas or the cylinders, ages ago I remember the pressure cooker blew up and by the grace of God my mother miraculously escaped the lid that flew up with tremendous force!!!! I really thank God! the lid was all twisted up and the house shook up!
I think the most danger things about cooking are stove gas, food poisoning and allergy.

Although the fire on stove is off, it still has a chance that the gas is still on.

So make sure fire and gas are both turned off after cooking.

Food poisoning can happen after eating raw meat or some food that is not clean or fresh.

People who are allergy to certain food may experience similar symptoms to food poisoning after eating the food.

It is said to ear raw vegs , uncooked, so that vitamins are not lost.
Now a days things changed. Immense use of pesticides are used externally.

Better to cook food, if possible at home itself.

Cultivating vegs. at kitchen garden, can help fresh vegs.
Wish I had paid attention more about keeping chicken left overs and then heating them up again.
Arguing middle of the night discomfort!!!
Anyway got past that one...
Interesting to cook self Smile I think not be dengerous.
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