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Cyber Cheating

My boyfriend recently met this lady from Switzerland on face book, and he gave her his telephone number and address, she calls him all the time, promising him that she is going to come and get him, and move him into her mansion, and that she is a millionaire, cause she owns a hugh night club over in Switzerland, so he told me that he wants to be with her, and that he is not going to stop talking to her and that she loves him, and she is going to send him money so he can come there and be with her. She told him she was 27, but she have four grown sons, and he doesn't believe that she is not 27. He is already in love with her, and they only been talking for two weeks. He calls me asking me to be with him, but I told him I can't unless he stop talking to his Face Book friend, and he said he is not going to stop talking to her, so I told him it is over, but he constantly calling me and texting me telling me he loves me, but he sends her messages telling her that he is in love with her, and she sends him messages telling him she loves him. How should I deal with this situation?
Don't talk to him, don't reply his text messages, don't answer his call.
I guess you're relationship isn't going anywhere. I guess you should end it. I mean he can't love you both.. and I guess he's after money
that guy is behind money.. not even thinking about 4 grown son..?? must be really crazy about money..!! leave him and move on.. just end this.. you will get someone better that him.. still he disturbs you give me his number i'll talk to that money mental..
Simply add his contacts to Blocked List. Wink
mbrown2201 wrote:
My boyfriend recently met this lady from Switzerland on face book

just a question, why you call him your boyfriend when you ended, will you have any expectatives that he changues?

lady man dont change, forget him and erase off your life, dont give him any chance

i am a man, but not like this one.

one advice, if for some crazy reason you forgive him, you will forgive all times again.
That is really crazy. Are you sure you even want to be with the guy? I don't see what the real problem is? That you want to still be with him because he definitely has his priorities that aren't aligned with yours and are a little weird. No offense but really do you still love/like him? Because you seem to give off the vibe that you definitely think he is being (1) stupid (2) weird and (3) unhappy, which inclines me to say, drop him and never speak to him again.
I would encourage him to she who this person really is. Perhaps they will be happy together on the other hand maybe this person is telling a lie? I say let it play out.

Once names and phone numbers were exchanged he crossed over the line. Sorry to say but though he could be a friend, you might want to stop being his gf. He wants her not you now.
i don't believe that your BF loves this Swiss girl. maybe he's just a little bored with your relationship. I apologize if i have to say this but that's the way i see things are. Sometimes You need to spice up your relationship a little bit to know it's value.

i think, your BF just needed someone to talk to. I don't believe that any guy would love someone with four kids just like just like that specially they are only talking on the phone. If you love him, work it out.
your boyfriend is blind with the girls money, mansion and the like.....your boyfriend saw this girl as $$$$...anyways, i don't think he really loves that girl.....he's only after of the girl money and material things....maybe, don't talk to him for a while, neglect his text messages and calls....he will soon realized that you're more important than that swiss girl.....
All I get from this is that he has no respect for you. If he really cared about you and loved you he wouldn't have bothered with some woman from Switzerland. Any man who treats a woman like that obviously does not deserve them. You're better off dropping him and moving on to someone who does care about you and only you.

If you believe you are his gf, take care of him. May be his time is not good
The situation pretty interesting. So like to involve myself in this discussion.

As the situation stated in the original post, the boy seems like a money lover. I think he really doesn't know what is real love.
Second, thing is that how people can believe on those people that they never meet personally. May be that lady is not telling him true about her.
It's been a month already, how are you now mbrown2201? Smile
in the situation like this, you should not get angry right away, talk to him first, then if you like what his reason, then maybe you give him a chance. If he do it again, lie to you, then maybe you get rid of him, man is replaceable, specially if you are not married yet, i know that you could find a right man, a more nicer man, your boyfriend is not the only man on earth, you could still find another one. good luck and don't get yourself be cheated by anyone.. Wink Very Happy Wink
He's obviously up for the money. Seriously, you're considering a relationship with this kind of guy?

You're too good for him. Go find someone that deserves you.
Tell your boyfriend that it's an old FB scam. The person is not from Switzerland, and they are not rich. Probably not even a female. They are just after his info so that he can send 'them' some money. He will wake up and find his bank account emptied from a scammer.

They operate in this fashion on networks wherever there are lots of people. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is (a scam).
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