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EURO 2012 - Portugal, Dinamarca, Alemanha e Holanda

Para o Euro 2012, no grupo de (Portugal, Dinamarca, Alemanha e Holanda) quem segue para a fase seguinte?
Euro 2012 is going to be a huge event of the year. With all the top Europian sides up against each other, it is going to be a top competition, packed with all the beauty and excitement that the game of soccer has to offer.

I will still support Germany. After being beaten by Spain twice in the last four years, first in the EURO 2008 and then in the World Cup, I hope they avenge those deats this time. Razz
Will love to see germany and spain play against each other.
Having complete faith in England winning this one this year
england does not have any chance... they should be lucky if will pass the group phase....
most interesting group for me is spain, italy, croatia and ireland...
I am interested to see if the Netherlands will life up to their World Cup runner up position and what will happen in that group. The on with Spain, Italy, Croatia and Ireland in it should be good too, though. I hope the Irish can pull some kind of magical stunt, that would be great.
For some reason, I find English fans are too optimistic about their football team before any tournament only to be disappointed later. They need to come to the reality. The reality is England is not a great football team anymore. You can argue that England has one of the best professional league but that is not translating into the good national team.

I'm English fan and I'll be happy if they can be through first round. Not being cynical but keeping a realistic expectation.
yeah, and my team, croatia, is not in good shape in this moment ... if they reach second round, that will be miracle... im afraid they dont have chance in group with italy and spain
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