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I posted a Nirvana topic in general but I am sorry I had the wrong place... Nirvana Rocks and I cant belive Curt did what he had to do. His voice was rough so it always sounded awesome and the instruments... WOW Exclamation
Yeah man, Nirvana was great.. Always have Nevermind in constant rotation
Yeah. Nevermind was the best album ever released by Nirvana. Its just sad that Kurt Cobain had to pull the trigger.

Long Live Kurt! Smile Cool
Shocked i have never listen a group called nirvana. Just listen it!
Actually (ya here I go)

Nevermind wasn't their "best" album it just sold the most....
fame was anything but intended by kurt
which is why In Utero was produced
nevermind may have been the "best" album vocally and musically on a scale of popularity
but compared to in utero it really doesnt have much depth

haha alright i'm done ranting now
ehhh personally my favorite album is Bleach Very Happy
and my favorite band of all time is clearly nirvana
Chad Kroeger kind of sounds like Cobain. The same husky voice. Nirvana was a great band and definitely is one of the top band of the 80's and 90's.
You should hear their songs arranged to piano... beautiful stuff.
Nirvana, in my humble opinion, is overrated.

I like some of their songs, but not enough songs to keep me interested in them.
NIRVANA are clearly one of the best bands ever, neermind on =e of the best albums ever... but with genie come crazyness sometimes, and this guy kurt, I think he just lost it to the end, he could not separate anymore nor could he distinguish what he was living... I don't know him personally, that's obvious, but I think everybody could see the guy was drowning int drugs, torturing himself and fighting inner demons... It happened with a lot of other people from whom you'll never hear because nobody knows them.
Nirvana rocks.. Every few years I bring out my nirvana cd's, they bring back lot's of memories.
I hear a lot of nirvana
it is really sad the kurt to have died
but he drank a lot and there was not as escaping of the death in that point
Nirvana is among my favorite bands. They definitely have a unique style that completely sets them apart from other bands. Alot of bands these days sing the same tunes.
Ah, Nirvana. One of the bands I grew up listening to, so many memories from these guys. I have each and every album of theirs, among some rare imports, and some bootlegs. Nevermind is my favorite album.
Nevermind was the best album ever released by Nirvana
Well, they are an OK group. Don't get me wrong, I really like some of their music. But they went mainstream and downhill. And I am sick of people calling Nirvana classic rock! It is from 90, that is not classic! (Man, I feel OLD) Spinoff band Foo Fighters are excellent, in case you didn't know their drummer Dave Grohl went a produced a band called the Foo Fighters.
hmm nirvana was good
Nirvana was great........... Very Happy , and will live on forever. Especially the story of Kurt, how unfortunate though... They could have been legends, for something other then kurt pulling the trigger!
I thought Nirvana were the greatest when I was in highschool. I still think they're really good, but somehow without being in the midst of teenage angst they just don't resonate with me quite as much.
I think nirvana is ok but a lot of people in my school or people that i know think they are (were) the best band ever, and block themselves into one band, that's stupid, it's not the best.
yea.. nice band.. i like them.. they have some pretty songs.. Green day i like more Razz
Who says Kurt did it? But ya Nirvana is a great band there definitely in my top 5 (but I'm not sure what the order of my top 5 is so ya)
Nirvana was a great a band. but I also wonder where they would be today. Would they be as successful as Foo Fighters is right now. Actually I think they would have split up around 1998 or something. Too many strong personalities involved (not forgetting Courtney). Who knows.
Masochistic Tendencies
Nirvana was good except it became more of a status thing to listen to them that people actually liking them. Same with Pink Floyd, AC DC, and others. Confused
After the beatles, nirvana are the most over-rated band. They were good but hardly worth the attention they got. Nevermind truely sucked in comparison to their other records. Incesticide is by far the best. Very interesting and fresh sounding songs.
I'm not a big fan, but Nirvana is definitley a great band. They just had an awesome, distinct sound to them.
One of the greatest modern bands. I do think their success is now dependent of Kurt's suicide, but even while alive, they did great things.
Get the comp, listen to the hidden Nirvana track.

Hi, bodies! Well, I know i'm late, but i just want to say that: KUUUUUUUUUUUUURT!! I MISS YOU!!
Serious, all Nirvana's albums (including rare one like Stiff Cuts and Hormoaning) are genious album!
I don't know one rock band like it....snif
Sad Sad Sad
It's so sad that the man who's music was just amazing...gone so yang.
I listen to them somtimes....
That was my first rock band that I´ve listened to .. Very Happy I love grunge ..
4patlar wrote:
hmm nirvana was good

nirvana IS good Cool

the first songs i learned to play on guitar were also nirvana`s ...
I was a big fan of Nirvana when I was teenager. I'm very sad becouse Curt Cobain shut himself.
Yeah man nirvana rocks one of the few great bands (in my opinon)
[quote="ddukki"]Chad Kroeger kind of sounds like Cobain. The same husky voice. Nirvana was a great band and definitely is one of the top band of the 80's and 90's.[/quote]

Yeah, except Chad is ugly and his music sucks.
foo fighters are also good!
i love nirvana man my first classic rock band ive ever heard
Q Magazine has released a 148-page Q & Mojo Classic Special Edition. The inside story of Kurt Cobain by the writers and photographers that saw it happen. Eyewitness accounts of life onstage, offstage and after hours with Nirvana. Classic, rare and previously unseen photographs, plus the stories behind every Nirvana song. The Sound of Seattle revisited. New interviews and in-depth stories with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Courtney Love, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and more. Plus Sex, Drugs & Distortion: build your own collection of the ultimate grunge albums and songs. On sale from December 14th, 2005.
Nirvana Sliver Best of the Box Released - New News and Info

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Nirvana DVD Release - 'Inside Nirvana: A Critical Review'

One of the latest Nirvana-related DVD releases is entitled 'Inside Nirvana: A Critical Review'. "Drawing on rare footage of Nirvana in concert alongside the views of the people who were closest to the band including Kurt Cobain's grandfather Leland Cobain, housemate Dave Reed, photographer and friend Alice Wheeler, and even his guitar teacher Warren Mason. Also featured are the views of a team of leading critics and working musicians. This is indispensable viewing for every Nirvana fan."
Classic Albums - Nirvana's Nevermind DVD Now Available

Nirvana's major label debut, Nevermind, is the latest feature in a series of specials that explores classic albums throughout history. This official release takes an in-depth look at the entire Nevermind album, with interviews from producer Butch Vig, as well as Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and many others. The DVD also features interviews from surviving members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.
Happy Birthday To Kurt Donald Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain celebrates his birthday today. The late singer/guitarist for Nirvana would have been 38 years old today. Happy Birthday Kurt!
Screening of 1989 Nirvana Live Performance

For all Nirvana fans in the Los Angeles area, there will be three free screenings of Nirvana's in-store performance at the old Rhino Records store back in 1989. Exclusive photos may be obtained upon request. Screenings are on February 2nd, 2005 at 5:00PM, 7:00PM and 9:00PM at the current Duck Soup/Rhino Records location 2028 Westwood Blvd, just north of Olympic. There will be 25 first edition posters (photos of the band taken from that show) given away on a first come, first served basis. Shot by Sam Epstein, filmmaker and former Rhino employee, the performance took place prior to their release of "Bleach" and two years before their huge "Nevermind" album was recorded. Courtesy of Cori.
Kurt Cobain's Handwritten Letter Sells for Thousands

A handwritten letter from Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love was sold at a rock n' roll memorabilia sale at the auction house "Christie's" for $19,120 on Friday, December 17th. The two page letter held details about Kurt's life on tour. An exercpt of it says: "I really do care but I'm not very convincing. He's sad. I'm sad. My throat is a swollen tumour, blood sausage colon. I puke air after coughing. It was morning by the time I fell asleep after talking to you. 200 lbs. I thought of a great idea for our video. Oh, forget it." The letter is believed to have been written on November 28th, 1991, the night after Nirvana performed on British show Top of Pops, since the show is mentioned in the letter.
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Some new information has surfaced regarding what to expect from the upcoming Nirvana Box Set, to be titled "With The Lights Out". says "the four disc compilation will be comprised of three audio CDs with over 40 tracks on them, and one DVD with archive footage, including a rare promo of ‘In Bloom’. An early live show is also expected to feature. The audio tracks on the box set will be rare and in some cases, previously unheard demos, alternative versions and radio session tracks." For all the latest news and information concerning this exciting release, please visit the Nirvana Box Set section on this site.
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Yeah Nirvana is great!! i often listen to them , they rocks, but anyway i have to say that curt is an ass, because he get 90 % of the money they earn, and dave grohl and christ novoselic get the last 10 %. Curt was always singing that he hate vereything, he also was singing about that he don`t like money and so, but the truth is that he like to have much money

Depressing, moody, Irritating.
The band wouldn't be my typical rock idol either.
An immortal band destines to live forever. I started listening to Nirvana much later mostly because my friends were playing Nirvana covers at their gigs but once I listened to to Nirvana, I found a whole new world.
Nirvana obviously was great, but i will give Kurt Cobain props for one thing. That was most definitly not a cry for help. Any time you take a shotgun to your're not messing around. If you're going to do something do it right. :-P
pencapchew wrote:

ehhh personally my favorite album is Bleach

...which happened to be the one album they released before they got really famous....

Rolling Eyes
dj_anthony23 wrote:
I posted a Nirvana topic in general but I am sorry I had the wrong place... Nirvana Rocks and I cant belive Curt did what he had to do. His voice was rough so it always sounded awesome and the instruments... WOW Exclamation

Nirvana is probably responsible for the whole 90s grunge-ish rock deal. They came in with 'smells like teen spirit', with the whole twisted pep-rally music video and everything, I remember seeing it and wondering why i ever listened to the garbage i had on my (yes, cassettes).
Man, they're sooooooooo good......
gnomme wrote:
foo fighters are also good!

imho Foo Fighters is better. But that mostly because I'm more into rock than grunge.
falsealarm wrote:
dj_anthony23 wrote:
I posted a Nirvana topic in general but I am sorry I had the wrong place... Nirvana Rocks and I cant belive Curt did what he had to do. His voice was rough so it always sounded awesome and the instruments... WOW Exclamation


Very Happy
I've become a big fan of Nirvana in the past few weeks. I've finally started listening to them because I've thought it was too heavy and boring music for me, but not now! Now I'm listening almost only to Nirvana and I'm doing Smells Like Teen Spirit and Polly cover with my band. It's hard to perfect SLTS, mainly because it's very hard to keep the integrity of the song. I love all of the albums, I watched a lot of concerts and I haven't seen everything yet.

I think Blew was the first and the most dirty, most raw album of the band, along with In Utero which returned to this style. Nevermind is also dirty, but it has diffrent style, and it is also an important album in band's history. Their songs are immortal! No one ever made better grunge-style music than Nirvana (Pearl Jam is OK though).

RIP Kurt, Long live Kurt.
Being one of the few people that know where most of Nirvana's songs come from, I think that Nirvana was a great band for its time, although I don't think they were the best. I thought there cover of the David Bowie songs they did (such as "The Man Who Sold the World") were very good, along with their other covers. "Smells like Teen Spirit" (which I don't think is a cover) is still one of my favorite songs...
Nirvana are definately one of the greats but people really don't realise how simple their music is, calling them genius as musicians is overated, their songs are great because of the originality and variation but not because they are technically brilliant.

Every so often I meet someone who regards them as gods and Cobain as some kind of Martyr. It pisses me off. No matter how great, musicians shouldn't be held on ridiculous pedestals.
A fair few of their good songs are covers too.

And people also read into the lyrics too much, they aren't intended to have some sort of meaning people can interpret, Kurt said in an interview himself they only wrote lyrics to add to their music and he hated doing it.

But yeah, still love listening to their albums.
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