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Follow these rules to get fit and healthy

If you stay healthy, then in some cases will increase awareness. Let us know some things like that.

If you take five minutes of sleep, and play back to 10 in the morning, this time you have to be cautious. The long sleep is not enough oxygen to the body, so do not feel energetic during the day. You stay healthy, then in some cases will increase awareness. Let us know some things like that.

If you take five minutes of sleep, and play back to 10 in the morning, this time you have to be cautious. The long sleep is not enough oxygen to the body, so do not feel energetic during the day.
Detoxification of body must. This is all the way Toxins out.

Breakfast is a necessary part of diet. Do not miss it. If you do not have heavy breakfast, take light things like porridge, cornflakes, fruit, sandwiches.

After lunch everyone is fond of sweet, but overdose may have negative effects. Keep track of the volume.

Stay on a liquid diet one day a week. This will relax the body's digestive system and will also help to control weight.

Eat less and need a quick meal at a time. This way food get digested well and no generation of excess body fat as well.

When to turn to put food on a plate, take a salad or Appetizer plate first. If you follow the rules to eliminate all the food to your plate, the plate size reduced our mines - catering to a large extent you can control.

Gradually eating habit. Put down the spoon in the middle of dinner and drink some water.

Feel fatigue or stress in the office, in the light stretching. This will open the body and increase blood circulation, you will feel active.

The results of some studies that people who drink regular milk, osteoporosis, colon cancer, blood pressure and significantly reduces the risk of diseases like type 2 Diabetes. Moreover, it is also good for teeth and mouth health. So one day be used to take two glass of milk.
After lunch everyone is fond of sweet

i don't agree on every lunch..

HEALTH is Truly a wealth.. Right now i am on first month diet and exercise program at least i do jogging 1 hour ever 5 days of the week..

When we are healthy and make it regular habit then it keeps my mind clear and i felt satisfaction with my sleep.

Sometimes i feel bad when i missed my exercise thru a busy day schedule specially in developing.. grr.. i tried to make it 1 hour.. based on research every one hour exercise increase our life to 5 years.

Be health everyone and Have a Great day to all.

Very Happy
Well, I exercise everyday so it also includes stretching. Also drink a hell load of milk (extra proteins).

I only exercise maybe 20-30 minutes a day at most, but it's intense enough for me.

Doing strength-focused calisthenics (low reps, hard moves) as well as a few static holds. Been doing this for quite a while now and even though I've never hit up the gym, people ask me for my training plan. They get pretty confused when I tell them I don't visit the gym, just put on some music, stretch a bit and start doing one-legged squats or diamond push ups.
I disagree with all of this. My husband does intermittent fasting and only eats breakfast and lunch 1 out of every 3 days. We never do the liquid diet thing. We eat a lot of food in our meals and no one in my house EVER consumes dairy of any type. We are the healthiest family I know and rarely-never get sick. None of us are overweight or underweight, and I cured myself of migraines, asthma, yeast infections, fatigue, joint pain as well as a plethora of other incidental issues just by changing my diet to what humans have been eating since the beginning of evidence of humans.

It is this kind of information that gets parroted by those who have not actually done their research. My husband and I didn't change our diet light heartedly. It took 5 years of research and continual study to help us decide that what is thought of as 'common' healthy knowledge as not... There is also already a shift in the standards towards what we already know.

Also, my father in law has stunned his doctors as he cured his diabetes to not only good for a diabetic, but good for a non-diabetic by making a shift (so not a complete change) towards our diet.
Healthy living is common sense, but most people are prone to what is easily available, such as fast-foods and junk foods that are readily available around us.
Its good advise, but everyone has their own way of dealing with their metabolism and body requirements.
Some people eat a lot of food and don't gain weight at all, so the body makes efficient use of the non-essential processed foods as well, while some other bodies store it as fat.
Important elements of good health
eat healthy breakfast daily
Drink at least 8 glass of water
Eat fruits and vegetables
spend at least 30 minute out side.Sunlight is very important.Because under sunlight our body make vitamin D that is very important for good health
Sunlight affects moods positively and is a natural antidepressant.
Do some exercise to be physically active.
Take multivitamins
Have some time for your self
Have some scoial have some friends etc
keep regular sleep hour that is very important.
Dinner and lunch on time.
After dinner at least little walk for complete digestion of food
have agood family doctor
Show your emotions prpoerly.If we are holding emotions or expressing can lead to health imbalances which may lead to illness and other problem
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