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CD Burning Program?

Anyone know of any good freeware cd burning programs? What I am wanting is to be able to put 50 or more MP3s onto a disc with volume leveling so I can balance the playback volume of all songs to one level. I know Sony had pretty a good program I use to have and I put close to 100 MP3s on one disc, but my DVD drive and/or software starting messing up.
Try this.
Best Alternative to Nero Burning software.
Active@ISO is a freeware also...You can try that or Google out some more products Razz
cybersa wrote:
Try this.
Best Alternative to Nero Burning software.

I have Nero, but cannot fit very many songs on it. I think the sony program had a "jukebox" mode, or something like that, where I could put a lot more mp3's on a disc. I know it normally depends on the bitrate and/or length of song or MBs. I have a lot of songs from different bands that I want to put onto one disc is the thing. If anything I guess I could put them on more than one...
ankur209 wrote:
Active@ISO is a freeware also...You can try that or Google out some more products Razz

Thanks, I will try both of these programs out that you guys have mentioned. I have been googling for burning software. I just thought I would ask here and see if anyone knew of any good ones. I always like to get resources from different places.
AmoK Burning is my favorite on Windows. It's available as a portable App, which is an important feature for me.

On Linux i'm using XFBurn. Simple, small, i don't need more. :D

For volume leveling you can use MP3Gain. This tool can only do this one task, but it does it very well.

Greetz, George
Ultra ISO, or Power ISO
milton59845 wrote:
You can try "Nero-CD, DVD burning" software. I will prefer it than others. Thanks.

Nero isn't freeware. There is a freeware-version called "Kwik Burn", but it's very limited and oversized.
I've used Nero when it wa sthe Number was the time where WinZIP was the standard Extractor and Frontpage one of the most common web Nero is only a fat piece of all-in-one software. It has a lot of functions, but you can find everything better on other (free) tools.
Better you create your own "all-in-one" package for free. Wink
Imgburn is really good, and free.

and i think itunes can do volume leveling.

i hope you find this helpful!!
I would also recommend imgburn. Tiny and working stuff. Can't recall any other fine and free software.
Thanks for the recommendations guys. I am still trying to figure out a way to put more music (mp3) on a disc though. Wish I could remember the name of the Sony program I had that came with my Sony drive, just so I could give an example. I'm thinking it was "jukebox" mode or something, that could burn around 100 songs (give or take), depending on the size of each song etc... Starting to think there is no freeware out there with that... I do have Nero ver6, but cannot find anything about that... Ill keep looking and trying while checking back here... thanks everyone for your input! Very Happy
While looking at some of these programs and unsure of all of the features, I came across BurnAware Free (executable) that I had on my 2nd hard drive Rolling Eyes Totally forgot about it, but it works great! Fit 76 songs on one disc and a few of them are around 15 - 25 MBs a song... remixes. Can probably fit the rest onto one more disc! Thanks for the info guys, there are a few that you guys mentioned that I want to try out next though...
I use CDBurnerXP and It's pretty good. Also not slow or take load of resources like Nero does. Have used it for years.
Found something that works pretty good for both file conversion and volume normalizing. It is from NCH called Switch Sound File Converter. Started using it today cause I downloaded some WAVs that I wanted to burn to MP3... works great!
Hi. This is the best program I found. I use it for years. Without any problems, user friendly.

Astroburn Lite 150-0139[/b]
CCCorp wrote:
Hi. This is the best program I found. I use it for years. Without any problems, user friendly.

Astroburn Lite 150-0139[/b]

Ok, thanks! May check it out to see if I think it is better than the one I am currently using. I appreciate it...
Personally: Infrarecorder

It's open source.
Josso wrote:
Personally: Infrarecorder

It's open source.

I'll go with this one also! Opensource is the best!
i used CDBurnerXP its quite good for me, you can also try this once.
i use ashampoo burning studio, few weeks ago i got a free licence from some newspapers comercial, and i dont need anything else... recomend
Always Nero is the best and more user friendly. It comes loaded with many other added applications and is very useful. Though many new versions have come up I am currently using Nero 8 and I feel it as the best one to burn a CD and to make Data Disks, to take CD images etc..
I've been using Ashampoo, tons of options to burn whatever your heart desires. Also, it seems to be the one program where it doesn't fail to burn a CD. It could be my hardware but any other software I've tried, it seems to run into that issue once in a while.
I use the application Burn on my Mac.
Nero is the best one
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