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Find a good daily deal & save your money

Among the daily deal or group buying websites from all over the world, can be rightly called as the Goliath of the market. Do you know why? According to the recently published reports, this mammoth daily deal website has over 20 million subscribers from all over the world, more than $160-million in venture financing & a market value of above $1 billion. Isn’t that a great achievement? All these and much more are happening in daily deal platforms like, due to the ‘ group buying platform ’ idea that introduced through their website.

There are quite a good number of daily deal websites cropping-up in cyberspace these days. You can find a variety of daily deals and special offers for your city, from such websites. Group buying websites or social purchase websites have a common way of running their daily deals. If a minimum number of subscribers agree to take-up a given offer or a deal within the mentioned time limit, then each one who goes for the particular deal gets it at a really discounted price. However, if not an adequate amount of people sign up for the offer, then the deal doesn’t go ahead and no one gets the deal. If you are looking for a good bargain or new thing to try out, then daily deal platforms like will be the best possible option for you.
Kerman wrote: can be rightly called as the Goliath of the market. Do you know why?

Because a skinny kid with stones and a sling can bring it to it's knees by simply having the divine power of good on his side rather than the colossal giant of evil?

That's not the greatest sales pitch I've heard all day. You could similarly say,

" can be rightly called as the Titanic of the market. Do you know why?"

Just because something is big and powerful, doesn't automatically suggest that it is effective. Or that it prevails.

As far as misplaced spam and money spinning scheming goes; I am available to fix the Biblical faux pas in your promotional offers for a small fee.
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