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Windows or Linux? Or both?

As I stated on the subject, should I install Linux alongside Windows, replace Widows or not install Linux?
if you are windows user and going to start your project in linux than go with dual os.
My Opinion:
Install Linux along windows.
It will useful.
Not enough information given.

It will depend what you want to use it for.

Though, for a generic answer, assuming you've got plenty of hard drive space, install both.
tpolis wrote:
As I stated on the subject, should I install Linux alongside Windows, replace Widows or not install Linux?

i would use Wubi to try Ubuntu or a derivate of Ubuntu (Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc.). With this tool you can install Ubuntu like a native Windows 7 tool without partitioning.

If you want to install a distribution along Win, Ubuntu or Linux Mint is the easiest choice, too. It can install itself along to Windows without manual partitioning or something else. You'll simply need to setup an account on your new Linux, that's all. :)

Greetz ghbyte
I've done dual os and it is nice to be able to jump over to Ubuntu occasionally just for fun.
It depends if you have a big hard drive, you could install both and repartition your drive. The best thing is to try your Linux distro from a USB or CD first since there's so many distros. Personally I'm using Mint Debian at the moment with XFCE because I like simple desktop environments. That's another thing also with Linux there's Gnome 2 and 3,XFCE.KDE,LXDE, and there's a new one called Cinnamon on Mint. You should try Mint. It's getting as big as Ubuntu and it's awesome! Also, If you do web design it's great to still have Windows installed to be able to test your sites on Explorer. That's what I do but I'm using a Virtual Machine. Make sure to check out VirtualBox if you'd like to keep using another OS without having to install it on your hard drive. So many options! Good luck!
Here's what I've always thought: have both and use them for what they're best at. Any sort of programming or development would probably be better on Linux (unless it's for a Microsoft product), while media editing and gaming are better on Windows.
I had tried both of them a long time back, and found windows to be the dominating OS to use, as it was easier to get things done.

I have tried ubuntu, and its a good linux distro with a lot of things that windows can do as well.

In either case, I'm sure that you will use mainly windows for all your work.

Linux is good though, but every for Ubuntu, after some updates, it would change somethings and that would be having to get used to again.

If you really want to use Linux, then use it and try to find the alternatives that windows can do on it, rather than go to windows.
In the office, I need to use windows, because of microsoft compatible products, but otherwise, I can use Linux which has windows alternatives, even to connect to servers, but takes getting used to and lots of practice.
tpolis wrote:
As I stated on the subject, should I install Linux alongside Windows, replace Widows or not install Linux?

I personally got both installed at the same time. It allows you to use Linux mainly, but if some program completely necessary needs Windows (or using Word is forced) you can switch to Windows on startup (dual boot).
WINDOWS! Actually as most say dual booting is a great idea.

I personally don't like dual booting because I hate switching between the two when I need to get stuff done. That is why my setup of choice is a windows based OS and then using virtual machine for Ubuntu (Linux) and so I can share my files at the same time and get work done easily. This requires a good amount of RAM though so you can be productive in both OS's at the same time or at least have the virtual machine run smoothly. Recommended at least 4GB with 1-2GB allocated for the VM.

Some great VM software: VirtualBox or VMWare Player. Both are free and both are wonderful in their own way. I personally use BOTH as I like to run Windows VMs as well and I seem to prefer linux distros in VirtualBox and Windows OS in VMWare.

Definitely try it out and see what you think Smile

Now if you're just using your computer for emails, writing papers, internet, and games then stick with Windows as it's intuitive, supports wide range of things and pre-installed on a lot of computers that are bought on the market.
They both are very good operating system,you can dual boot them or any of one can be installed in the virtual drive.Windows have 7 best and linux have ubuntu is good for the beginners.
ocalhoun wrote:
Not enough information given.

It will depend what you want to use it for.

Though, for a generic answer, assuming you've got plenty of hard drive space, install both.

Exactly this. In some cases, having Linux by itself is plenty, whilst in others you may need both. It's always handy to have both, but I find it neater just to have a machine dedicated to one or the other. For instance, my desktop computer runs Windows 7, whilst my laptop is exclusively Linux based.
my answer is both, i'm a game fan so linux will not meet what i need in gaming section and also i'm working on real time based control systems in university and this time windows doesn't meet my requirements so i'm currently using both, windows for gaming and linux for programming.
if currently you are windows user, you have to install virtualbox or MS virtual pc, and install linux distro on that virtual machine, that my opinion.
It reaaaally depends on what you use it for. Linux is great for anyone learning about computers (programming, networks, web dev, etc.) but it's not as good for most games. Sure you can use wine and vm's, but I'm not clear whether you'll get the same performance, even if you can link your vm directly to the gpu.

Ask yourself - what are your needs?
my opinion , use linux to instead windows
& run win App in wine or vbox with win os. Wink
I advise you consider about Mac OS( Mac Lion). This is a power OS. You can install very easy if you spend about 5 hours to explore about it.
I hope you enjoy it Smile
I installed two OS in my computer, Win7 and Centos6.
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