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Copy right and YouTube


I want to copy into my YouTube Videos video bytes from other video podcasts. No longer than 10 seconds. What are the rules regarding this.

Thank you
I don't know but I have one similar situation. I was download somewhere music from my video. And when I upload I got message, something like (Part of your video is maybe copyrighted. You don't need to do anything about that, and in that case we will put some adverts on your video.) I think they pay for copyright if someone ask for copyright. But I am not sure, and my memory is not good, and my English is not good, and my video is still there and no one is not ask me for any copyright. Wink

Possum wrote:

I want to copy into my YouTube Videos video bytes from other video podcasts. No longer than 10 seconds. What are the rules regarding this.

Thank you

The rules regarding this are made by the owners of the podcasts you wish to copy. If they are not, then there's no rules regarding this. Saying, that, you'll have to check carefully. Anything from a huge notice warning you about unauthorised usage to a tiny symbol is somebody telling you not to copy that property, in most cases on the internet, not without contacting the author prior, or at least giving credit (creative commons, "share-alike" for example) to the owner.

If in doubt, don't gank somebody else's work, is a pretty safe philosophy to follow. If you really want to use it for some other reason (like the owner doesn't know how to use YouTube) which is highly doubtful, or the owner doesn't want to use youtube (which is more likely, and not boding well for your replication intentions) then either contact the owner or bestow heaps of credits to the owner in the title and description of the Youtube upload.

The intellectual property belongs to the creator, not the destination. If you upload something specifically unauthorised, the copyright could be referred to the destination (YouTube) and again, this is only going to pee-off the creator (and Youtube). Ask.

How do YouTube regulate copyright infringements? They basically have software in place to scan a huge database of waveforms (musical audio matches) and now also film and television frames. I'm talking a massive database submitted by Fox, Paramount, EMI etc. They are submitted by these major firms to YouTube for obvious reasons. The YouTube bots can scan these in nanoseconds for any lose match and blacklist the upload before it's even completed. I've heard they also scan the iTunes library now too. So anything that is worth selling is already outlawed. It's a pretty air-tight checksum. I've even tried uploading backwards songs and speeded up and slowed down music to see if the bot matched it, and it did, almost every single time.

So if the creator of the podcast used music or film that HE didn't have authorisation to use, the video is still going in the YouTube delete can.


Who owns the content of the video: The creator (unless he or she doesn't without your knowledge).
Who owns the video once uploaded to YouTube: YouTube.
Who did you impede by doing this: Both the creator and YouTube and whatever lawyers they may have.
What do you own: Nothing. Just a bunch "video removed" notices, a lot of ads on the ones that survived, third party matches (itunes) and possibly even a subpoena for repeat offences.

Conclusion: Ask permission (advised) or take a risk and give a lot of credit and links to the owner (less advised but still appeals to creator's ego and more often than not seems to be acceptable).
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