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I don't know how to accomplish this, but here's a problem

I see a problem in how phpbb interfaces to people. I need to be able to follow the forums in my email. Sounds like it would mean people would spend less time on the forums, but this it how popular social sites are doing email notifications, and phpbb sends only update notifications.

What I believe happens is this: People like me get used to seeing updates in our email box, and LEARN to ignore them because they don't include the info that generated the notification. If the emails contained the post or private message that generated the notification, then people would stay more aware of the actual exchange going on at frihost, and they would have more direct reasons to return that wouldn't go unnoticed.

This current format, I believe, is directly related to everyone taking "breaks" from frihost, whereas they are completely hooked into facebook and twitter -- why? the email notifications in phpbb are old school, and really needs updating.

It's great coming back to frihost! Smile It's great welcoming back to frihost those who have been absent, like me, but my opinion is that we need to work on the glue that brings us together in this awesome forum.

I'd like to help! I can run phpbb, and possibly come up with the updates myself, but I am curious how to work that into frihost. Any suggestions?
Frihost is the facebook of free hosting, and I'd like to see it EXPLODE onto the scene. Frihost has always meant a lot to me, and holds a special place in my personal history! If I succeed in having a life that is worthy of a biography, then frihost must be mentioned in that text or I will get up out of my grave and go zombie on the writer! Smile
That would vastly increase the number of emails sent out...

Right now, you subscribe to a thread, and get one email when the next post happens... ignoring the, say, 50 more posts after that until you visit again.

...That way though, you'd have to have an email every time a reply comes, not just the first time... So for that one subscription, you'd get 50 emails... All mixed up with notifications about other threads, so you can't read them all in a row easily.

Is it that hard to just click the link in the email to view the thread?
I'm not talking about increasing anything, or even anything new... just modifying what's already there
What sort of email schedule are you talking about, though? Email with the content of the next post, ignoring all subsequent additions, or wait until x posts have accrued to send out a digest? Otherwise, yeah, you're talking about an email per post.
there would have to be a gradient, just like there is now. If you want an email from every post, then you can get one, or do digest, but I just want the emails to have information in them, and not just a notification that the topic has been updated.

Think about how modern social sites do their emails. Putting the info that generated the notification in the notification, where possible, would be a more attractive angel for the content on frihost.

All I'm saying is not having the info in the emails, or the emails just being a notification of update, isn't how other sites that are more popular have chosen to do things. Making this kind of change may help frihost become even more sticky, and keep people coming back more.

More or less emails should remain the users choice, but the emails that get sent need info.
I recommended this change knowing full well that PHPbb is a pain sometimes, but I am willing to work on it to come up with a plan, and possibly all the code we need, if the idea gets support, hence, posting it here.
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