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how to show true feelings

for a while now ive liked a girl and we speek alot ,we never actually meet up but we see eachother around alot ive always seenmyself as a confident kind of guy but i cant bring myself to ask her to meet me and i have no way of telling if she likes me or not and have a feeling the only way to find out is to ask her out but i hate rejection as its what im usually faced with is there any better way of knowing this ?
i think to show true feelings is necesary meet people and talk about directly, the keyboard is not the most reliable method to show who you are for real.

may be i am an old fashioned man, but the the gestures say a lot of how and how the people is.

be direct and ask to meet and talk, any other way is just blow your mind.
You can try paying attention to how she behaves when she's around you. If she is always kind and warm towards you and seems to like talking to you and being around you then chances are that she at least likes you more than the common man she meets down in the street. All in all, though, the only way to really find out is by asking her out and seeing if you two match.

I understand your fear for rejection, but you can also try to see that asking someone out does not have to be a big thing. If you work at the same company you could say ask her to have a cup of coffee with you after work (or at some other time). Imagine a girl (a random girl colleague) coming up to you and asking you if you wanted to have a cup of coffee with her. If I myself knew that person, had talked to her a couple of times and liked her I would not say no straight away and would just go with her and see what would happen. I would also be flattered that she asked me.

Now, back to your female friend (or colleague): if you ask her to have a (casual) drink with you then I very much doubt she will turn you down. After all, it is not as if you are proposing a romantic dinner for two at this exotic location where you make it clear that you are really in love with her (which would be overwhelming for a first date anyway). If she goes with you then you can find out if the two of you get along well and if it is possible that there could be more in the future. If that is the case, then you can ask her out again. If not, well, then you know. I really doubt the chances of her saying no if you ask her for a simple drink, so I think that would be a safe way to go.
first thing is be sure that its a girl.. don't make it to heart before you see her.. even it might be your friends who might have know you very well and playing with you because i have experienced it in my past.. so first thing is don't take it to your heart...

next one is make sure she likes you.. you ask her indirect questions to her not the direct one like asking her straight away "whether you like me or not..?" instead try asking indirect questions like "don't u think our taste is alike..?".."wish you be my girlfriend..?"

next,this is very important.. never take anything to your heart even if she replies in negative ... just move on... there is someone else waiting for you in other mail address...

so chill and be relaxed and make her fall for you.. go on man..!! all d very best..!
go for it Smile haha be yourself
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