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flu shot

flu shot is very important to stay healthy
Donot skip flu shot each year.if you skip please think about it
it is very good if we will take flu shot before December for the best protection.After that flu activites are their on peak
Flu shot is equally important for healthy and sick people.
if you donot like needles you can go for nasal spray.
Every year should take flu shot because flu vaccine is reformulated every year.
Donot be scared if you will sick after having vaccine.
Could not agree more.
Could not disagree more.

While I advocate vaccines for rarer and more deadly diseases like polio, but the flu mutates too fast - once you start taking flu shots you have to take them because your stops learning how to fight the flu.

I haven't taken a flu shot ever and while I do get sick every winter, I simply let the flu take it's course. Maybe that's why when I'm sick, I'm not completely dying, I can still go to school and work, just gotta plug my nose and I'm good to go.
I agree with c'tair. When it comes to the flu, I choose not to get the shot. I understand that there are some that perhaps should get the vaccine, the very young and the very old, but most don't really need it as it is not typically a life threatening illness. Vaccines are important, but overuse of them allows viruses to become immune, which then makes the vaccine ineffective. Furthermore, as stated by c'tair, your body becomes less able to protect itself from these little threats. I prefer to let the flu run its course.
I completely agree with c'tair as well. I don't take the vaccine at all. On the other hand, the elderly and sickly may benefit to the extent that they don't get the flu as bad as they would have if they had not received the vaccine, even if the strain is slightly dated. There are some positives for those who have weak immune systems. For the others, perhaps it is a much better idea to let the immune system do the work.
I have COPD and get my flu injection in October. It is very important for people with COPD.
people in high-risk groups, who have a greater chance of developing complications including health care workers, people over age 50, those with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women and children aged 6 months to 5 years old should get vaccinated.
I've rarely gotten the flu vaccine. I find I don't need it at all. I trust my immune system to take care of me and I take care of my body by eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep and exercise. As 'magnustoday' said, there are high risk groups that are more susceptible to getting sick with the flu. People in those groups should probably get the shot to protect themselves and those around them and those they care about.

I've gone 2 years now without getting even a cold whereas other people seem to get sick at the drop of a hat. I have a friend who, when it comes to flu season (or any seasons it seems) gets sicker than a dog and at one point we thought she might die because she wouldn't stop throwing up. That's just a crappy immune system and an example of someone who doesn't take care of themselves.

Not everyone HAS to get the flu shot. For some it is mandatory and for others it is strongly advised based on a number of risk factors. Its up to each of us to decide what is best for us in the end.
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