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vegetables are very good for kids

vegetables are very healthy for kids.the kids who have the habit of eating vegetables they are good in school and they are more slim
In vegetables fibers keeps the tummy or digestive system happy.decreasing constipation,softening the stool.Also fiber fill up hungery tummy without a lot of calories.when kids tummy is full in this way they will not go to chips etc.
Vegetable is good for everybody, not just for kids.

Only vegetable is not enough. One should eat a balanced diet which include vegetables, fruits, carbohydrate, dairy, meat, fats and sugar.

"Too much of anything is bad"
I think vegetables are the most forgotten part of a balanced meal though. Not many places can make good dishes with vegetables or at least appealing enough for general population. I personally love salads so whenever I go out or make dinner I always make sure to find a good salad Smile Yum.

But definitely balanced meals are the most important thing. You can get away with eating just vegetables but you'll lack other nutrients like proteins and such or you can not eat vegetables and find your intestines dying of lack of fiber and your body not getting enough nutrients.
If you had lots of fruit and vegetable in your childhood, you could have good bone when you grow up. Nutrients in fruit and vegetable help you to have healthy bone.

Vitamin C from fruit and vegetable is important. To have fruit and vegetable helps your body to gain vitamin C.

I love salad. You can have everything in your salad to meet your body need for nutrient.
Vegetable and fruit are best healthy foods not only for children but it also health for every one. Fresh juice of fruit are helpful in losing the weight because it burn the fat like lemon or grapefruit juice because they are citrus fruity that burn fat.
yes...vegetables are truly healthy for the kids.....
I think that a combination of veggies and meat is required. It is not that eating veggies would be enough for us. We need proteins and meat is one of the best sources of proteins. I think white meat is good for this. Those who do not prefer meat can go for beans.
Well It is right to say that vegetables are equally useful for children as well as for people of all age . People at old age have more focus on vegetables because their body need quality diet which contains more nutrients which is needed to fulfill the deficiency of the same such as vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium . On the other hand , children often go for fast foods .
I think not only for children but rather for adults especially older really for all ages. It helps the skin, blood, among many other benefits and even helps prevener premature aging.
Yes, I am agreed with that vegetables are very good for kids. Not even for kids but for adults also.
Well vegetables are essential part of diet.There are many problems that can be solved through the use of vegetables.Carrot,spinach,cabbage,barcarolle,garlic,cucumber etc are some useful vegetables.They are full of nutrition and rich in taste.These are great sources of vitamins,iron,fiber,minerals and energy.
They are effective for heart,skin,liver,stomach etc.Without vegetables our diet is incomplete.
Vegetables are good for everyone. People who are on diet didn't eat meat read or anything from animal but they're safe and sound . But the thing is we couldn't do that long Razz

We're not vegetarian Wink
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