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Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas


GTA Gets Bigger

It is not often that a game's success is guaranteed but when Rockstar North are about to deliver a GTA title, we all know who's going to top the holiday sales charts. Following usual Rockstar policy, the developers have been releasing a steady, carefully-controlled stream of GTA:SA details but never enough to satisfy the numerous fans of the franchise.

According to Rockstar this time round the GTA series is getting a full make-over, the biggest one since the title moved from 2D-to full 3D.

The biggest change is, of course, scale. GTA has moved from the tiny and rather flat Liberty City to the well-rounded but limited Vice City to an entire state, San Andreas. A state named after a fault may not sound like the best idea but it's the first in a long line of clues reminding us that San Andreas is based on a real state. If that doesn't ring any bells how about cities with names such as Los Santos and San Fierro?

This time round the series stays true to its roots by tackling the controversial theme of gangs and urban violence, in its usual very tactful and subtle way. If you thought the mob that run Vice City was ruthless you will be shocked by the hailstorm of carjackings, drive-by's, hold-up's and general acts of random violence that GTA:SA will throw your way.

Unfortunately for most fans, developers have gone on record confirming that GTA:SA will not feature multiplayer, sad news for fans of MultiTheftAuto (MTA) a modification for GTA:VC which gave PC users hours of online mayhem. Another GTA fact which makes some gamers uncomfortable is that GTA:SA, being a PS2 first title, may not fully exploit the technical capabilities of the PC and may just end up a simple PS2 to PC port. Is Rockstar planning to change the game for the PC? How exactly can GTA:SA improve technologically on GTA:VC if the hardware remains identical? All reasonable questions which will be addressed by this preview.

GTA:SA is expected October 26 2004 for the PS2 and sometime in the New Year for the PC with an XBox version also suspected.
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What the ****? That appears to be spam!

Anyone Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas does rule!

Just go for a bike ride its great!
Yeah we need some multiplay action with the next 1.
i havent tried it yet... hope to soon...
what systems is it on?
D Mob
systems: ps2,xbox,psp,and gamecube
my brother beat the game it's hard to beat it %100 i found all the two player icons if your a cheater go to http://cheatcc.comfor all the cheat codes for GTA:SA
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