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Cold Fear Development Diary Pt 3


Cold Fear Diary

Ever wanted to know how a game is made? How every feature moves from a simple idea to pages of code and finally to a playable part of the game? A development diary for Ubisoft's upcoming horror shooter, Cold Fear may answer some of your questions.
The diary attempts to provide some information on how the development process leads to the creation of exciting new features in the game and of what the people behind the game actually think about it. The diary also includes brand new images of the game and of the development process, follow the screens tab above.

For those of you still not certain, Cold Fear puts you in the role of Tom Hansen a US Coast Guard crewman whose team is sent to investigate a drifting, abandoned Russian whaling ship. Prepare to face the horrors lurking beneath its bloodstained decks.

Players have to shoot their way through a bloodsoaked nightmare straight out of a horror movie and to confront hordes of alarmingly intelligent enemies as the ship’s deck lurches constantly under their feet. The game will launch simultaneously for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox and PC-CD Rom. Cold Fear is slated for release in March 2005.

This is the first installment of the diary and it examines the work and thoughts of Darkwork's Lead Programmer for Cold Fear, Claude Levastre, Lead Artist, Arnaud Barros and Lead Animator, Antonin Delboy (Note for British readers: you can laugh out freely at that last surname). Read on to find out what a Lead Programmer on a big project, such as Cold Fear, does. Stay with Megagames for the Lead Designer and Lead Animator diary entries tomorrow and on Christmas Eve respectively.
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