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My Sculptures

Some sculptures I did in high school.

Punk Rocker

Ogre... I guess! lol His ears and pony tail fell off when I was moving.


Another Skull.

Never did any sculpturing outside of high school. If I could have afforded a kiln I would have!
What material have you made this out of? Clay?
tidruG wrote:
What material have you made this out of? Clay?

Yea, they were all made out of clay...
Maybe you should try it a as a hobby, and see if its something you like, and something you could be really good at.
I can't say that I would be willing to have those sculptures myself, but they did look like they had a bit of work done on them to be the way they are.
Obviously, I have never done sculpting, so if I tried, I wud not make anything close to what you have.
wow nice
Often times local potters are looking for others to come and share their kiln. A kiln can get expensive to run, so they may fire your work for free, or a small fee if they are already firing other things and the kiln is not full. A good potter will not leave space in the kiln, but some do and want others to help.

I heard rumor that the brick factory in town would also fire clay pieces for local artists, but I never had them do that, and I would think that it would have to be small works, as they are, after all, a business which has to make money off firing bricks.

I love pottery! It's very relaxing if you keep your pieces small and manageable. You will stress if you try large objects or if you get air bubbles in your works that you can't get worked out -- I've had some nice looking pieces just explode in the kiln even though I was careful.

You seem to have good spacial awareness, maybe comes naturally, but none of us is an expert unless we study. It appears that you are not aware just how many bones come together to form the human skull. Learn more about anatomy and I have confidence that if you attempted this again that you could make a skull that people would ask if it's real. Michelangelo studied the human anatomy, and even went as far as dissecting cadavers so that his art would show the true human form. His method made him one of the greatest artists to have lived, and we can learn from his choice of having a foundation for his art to grow on, and that was reality. He wanted his art to be real to the viewer, so what he painted had to have all the proper parts.
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