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Of Studies or Of Thacker

Okay so I am in Highschool at the moment, and I had to write a Parody. The parody I wrote was "Of Thacker" from "Of Studies" by Francis Bacon.

If you would like to see the original search "Of Studies Francis Bacon" in most Search Engines.

Of Thacker
Thacker represents himself through his dancing, his silly faces, and his frivolous personality. His use for dancing is in happiness and loosening; his silly faces, is in joy; and his frivolousness, is in silliness and disguise. He can dance, and face his obstacles, two by four; but the people, and the houses and behavioral figures, come from him and help. To dance is to be happy; to make silly faces for joy, or gorgeous hap; to create good attitude from all around, is the frivolousness. They all come together, and are better in time: dancing is like singing, they need practice, by Thacker; and Thacker himself can dance always, or make silly faces. Jealousy condemns Thacker, Generosity adores him, and the Sage became foolish for him; for he makes all happy; but that is Calm, and Chicken, won with Chinese food. Eat not to gain health and not starve; nor to be full; Eat to have health and find help; and to weigh much and weigh less. Thacker is not to be toasted, swallowed, or chewed on; He alone, he is alone separated forever more till he dies; Others together, but not; and many deputized to chastise, and extract the joy made of Thacker; but what would be less, and what would be more, mean people, or luke warm people whom never tell a story, but a shortcoming. Thacker makes the week stronger; Thacker encourages; Thacker makes. And Thacker, if he does little, feels worse than all; If Thacker comforts, he has a large influence: and if he doesn’t, he still has influence, to influence many. Thacker does not make men wise; Thacker does not make people laugh; the weak man stronger; Thacker’s encouragement; his God; his number one fan does that. Thacker est un Christian, et a un Bon Dieu [ Thacker is a Christian, and has a Good God]. There are strong and there are weak ; when weak have a chicken that is blue. Thacker has a turkey made of glue ; going for the bull’s eye ; gentle for the strong ; driving for a bed ; and the rest. So if Thacker can do it, everyone can too. But if he can’t, there maybe one who can ; for they are more than Thacker. Thacker can not beat everyone, and can not help a soul, but help him study his time. So every man might meet him too.

Tell me What you think. I hope this is in the right section (if not please move it)
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