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YouTube Probs

I've been having probs with my YouTube over the last three days. It only plays for a minute and then it either skips, or say it's experiencing problems and to try later.

Is there anyone else who are having something similar happening or know how this can be fixed? Very Happy
For me it works just fine. Maybe try to reinstall flash or use another web browser? You could also try to clean cache in your browser.

btw. What browser do you use?
Hexes wrote:
For me it works just fine. Maybe try to reinstall flash or use another web browser? You could also try to clean cache in your browser.

btw. What browser do you use?
Thanks for the tip Hexes. I was using Mozilla Fox 9 when the YouTube was giving problems. Following your suggestion, I tried it with Internet Explorer, and it works fine now. Really glad as I use it quite a lot. Cool

Have been using it for an hour, looks as though it has the same problem, but not as bad as Mozilla.
Maybe that's a bug of player's version...
I Googled the problem - this time putting in the exact words of the error message in the search box. It then came up with a host of suggestions. One was to go into my YouTube account settings. Choose Settings. And then Playback Setup. And then to choose the option of
I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video.

It's working fine now. The quality of the sound is OK but the video not as it used to be.

I don't know why it has happened to me all of a sudden as I have a relative fast fibre optic internet service and I've been playing YouTube daily for months with no probs at all.

Just checked the speed and it is a bit slower than the 8Mb/s it is supposed to be, probably should monitor the speed to see if this is consistently the case:
It seems a bit disingenuous that you have to log in at YouTube to customize your needs to concur with what should be a default setting. I guess the default is extravagance these days. I also have a "legacy" computer ("legacy" is a democratic euphemism for P.O.S we no longer support). Of course these multi million dollar internet companies are in the computer technology business and their staff, code monkeys and designers are all working with the lastest devices and appliances. They are all working hard to create clustermess, cross-site featuritis plagued, eternal scrolling EPICS. I wonder if the early 2k ethos that web designers used to swear by ever occurred to these newjack programmers ("Always proof test")? I wonder if it's still "cool" to placate Rip Van Winkle? See, 70% of Johnny on The Street is still using old computers ("Old" in technology terms meaning 3 or 4 years new) and apparently for some of the most popular websites (Twitter and Youtube) sometimes that just ain't good enough). However, I've got news for you, lavish larry: When you confuse minority and majority, you cater for nobody. Nobody eventually meaning yourselves. Loads nice in your 8000 tb mac labs right? They should have an IBM running windows 98 in the corner to how nice it loads. But they don't. If it ain't pocket size and strokable, they won't kowtow to it.

What's all this got to do with music? Don't know. It's your post, not mine. I guess I could dig deep in the sophistry hard drives and dig something out palatable to make this post about youtube ostracizing their gross market to be about music, but I don't really think I need that many posts. Let's just say that youtube is music nowadays. The company that invented Justin Bieber for Cristsakes. Their ego has gone to their heads. "Kingmaker" right? Owned by Google - another hideous hubris which presumes it needs to mark every day, event and birthday of the year with some witty screen-hijacking flash animation about muppets or charlie chaplin that nobody really gives two hoots about. You're a search engine. An index. When I buy a book and look for a certain page number, that's all I require. Not ego. Not "They'd be no page if it wasn't for me!" Not a showcase matinee extravaganza introducing your politics, ethos and agenda as some sort of social generational evolutionary step.

And I'm not feeling lucky.

Stay up to date with flash installs. Clear your cache. Check your Task/Manager (PC) or Activity Monitor (Mac) and see what other operations are running while your browser is running (and streaming youtubes). Chances are, this is quite normal and that you are just giving your meagre resources to many other applications (which can be stopped). Provided your computer isn't ancient, there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to use whatever browser you wish on whatever comp you wish. Streaming wirelessly has always been clumsy though. Right up in until 2012.
lmao -.- talk about bitter
liljp617 wrote:
lmao -.- talk about bitter

Diatribes from Dialogist?? Never! Wink

Dean, on a more helpful note, this thread probably would have served better under one of the computer forums, rather than music, as, really, it has nothing to do with music. You might have had more people of relevant interest/knowledge check it out.
Given your connection speed, you shouldn't be having video quality issues, and you shouldn't have to use low quality. The problems could be something in your hardware, but if it was working until recently, it should still be working; Youtube hasn't made many changes recently.
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