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Bicycle Help please!

I am determined to get a bike, because I would hate walking 1 to 2 miles to get to work, or futher but I need a mountain bike which is comfortable.. Also in the snow I would hate riding in the snow but I dont think any bicycle would be suitable for the snow!

So, my concern in, what kind of bicycle should I get? A mountain bike, or something else?

I was thinking about a pacific brand but they are the worse for the money!
A mountain bike. That said, get one with a light frame; if you're not actually going off road, you don't need a particularly sturdy bike, and the lighter, the better, and to a point, the cheaper (until you start getting into light weight as a specified feature, then they start charging more for the reduction and materials required to get there).
If you can afford it, two sets of tires: smooth street tires and grippy winter tires. If you can't afford two sets, outfit yourself for snow. When you need the extra grip, you really need it... when you don't, it will make the cycling a little more difficult, but otherwise it won't be an issue.
I would go mountain bike as well... To find a cheap one I would suggest looking on
Blaster wrote:
I would go mountain bike as well... To find a cheap one I would suggest looking on

Quite so.

You can also look at garage sales and the like for occasional (very) cheap ones.
Discount stores (like walmart, not specialty bike stores) will also often have (relatively) cheap brand new bikes, with perfectly serviceable ones in the $150 to $200 range.

A mountain bike with suspension and aggressive tires will do better in the snow, and for rides as short as 1-2mi, you don't particularly need smooth tires; that shouldn't wear you out.
Hm... do they make winter-compound tires for bikes? If so, that would help a lot.
At any rate... be extra careful if riding a bike in ice and snow... especially around other traffic.

...I am a fan of cheap bikes. Got a used (cheap) mongoose mountain bike for $75... while my boss at work at the time got a fancy one for almost $2000... I rode my $75 bike all over the mountains, wearing it out until it was barely usable... (on several occasions I 'repaired' it with nothing but rocks and sticks for tools) and then left it where it would probably get stolen*... My boss rode his $2000 bike around the block once, and it has done nothing but take up space in his garage ever since.

*I was moving and didn't have room for it... Whoever steals it will want it more than I do; they're welcome to it.
I've had several cheap bikes and they have all served me well. I do have an expensive road bike but don't really get to ride that much. Too expensive to just take around to class and all if you ask me.
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