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Rant - Why can't we 'Search'?

I am amazed that 'search engines' are still in business after browsing many forums. So many people will ask a question in forums that they could easily find the answer to themselves by using one of the many 'search engines' available. Of course, these are most likely the same people that ask a question in the forums without using the forum's 'search' or 'find' function or even looking at least at first page of the forum to see if the topic has already been opened for discussion. Often, people post their question in the wrong section of the forums then later post “Where is my post” after the original post was moved to the appropriate section of the forum. All this laziness makes more work for the Moderators and/or Administrators of the forum plus takes up valuble $pace on the servers.

Yes, I did do a 'search' before posting this and did not 'find' the question or the answer!

end of rant Sad
Da Rossa
Are forums dying because of the search policy the administrations implemented? "DO_NOT_ASK_BEFORE_SEARCHING"? Because I've noticed less posts in the last few years.
Da Rossa wrote:
Are forums dying because of the search policy the administrations implemented? "DO_NOT_ASK_BEFORE_SEARCHING"? Because I've noticed less posts in the last few years.

I doubt that's a factor... most people don't pay attention to such statements Razz
The factors in forum decline, I think, are wider spread than that, and may have some tie in with the rise of social media and other forms of media that allow people to stay connected with people, especially people they already know, rather than seeking community and information elsewhere. There are other factors, perhaps, such as media fatique, at play too. Basically, people have strayed from interest in forums in general.

Most people have never paid attention to the "think about it before you ask," or "look it up, then ask" suggestions in any common forum, before the internet, nor since. Messageboards are no different.
I'd have thought this is a post to host Forum. So most people are focused on making posts more than sharing information. We're lucky however that there are some at Frihost who do searches and do pay attention to detail. Frihost Forum has become more than a post to host medium.

If I have any rants it would be about spammers and hackers. I'm almost certain that their attacks on Forums must play a great role in less Forum activity. It is hard work to clean up the Forum from spam posts and even harder work to fix the Forum after hackers have been around.
I always found the answer to this question ambiguous. Search for what? Of course with the obvious questions that are strictly informational based – you get your answer you are looking for and with recent discussions on similar common topics it can fall under “a do a search” and use of the current topic heading where discussions are already in progress. Makes sense.

Other topics perhaps similar in nature might do better in a new discussion but that does not mean have three topics of the same thing going on at the same time. That makes sense too I guess. If someone does post to older discussions I can’t see how it would mean really that much less in server space though. It is true spam posts perhaps are much more ugly than similar topical posts if there are decent responses that are in these posts? Just a thought.
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