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Feedback Please

I am looking for some feedback on the web design of my site. (not on the content/prices etc., as I am fully aware that many (if not a lot) of members here do not believe in what I am offering).

Unfortunately, as server 4 is currently down, my usual site is unavailable.

However, I do have a mirror site which is almost as it should be (the Terms and Conditions link is down, as I don't have a back up for it at this stage).

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Nice layout.
I think your website look dull due to the colour.
My opinion:
Change the colour.
New Logo.
Thank you.
Good website nice color and font i agree your logo need to change and highlight.
Thank you. My husband is now having a go for me. He's a bit more knowledgeable. I am a bit attached to my logo, I drew it myself (no duh Rolling Eyes ) but I agree it's a bit amateurish and is due to be upgraded if I want to be serious. I am looking into outsourcing it at the moment. I know a few professionals.

I am looking at having a theme switcher, so that colours might cater for more preferences too Very Happy
Can I say truth. Don't kill me.... please. Just want to help.

From my point of view site must follow some basic think about what you want present. In your case this is Tarot, something mystical, isn't it? In that case you need something mystical. Your layout is too business styled for me.

I will on home page put only few (maybe three) good tarot card and below this cards in three column main titles (and links) and just very short description. On the top big title (not too big) "Readings by Caroline" with some nice font and without logo. Tarot cards are the best logo for this site. Home, testimonials, contact and newsletter links you can put very down and not too visible because you want focus visitors on first three links below tarot cards.

On the other pages I will follow similar concept except I will put all links in one line below top title but not in tabs. Maybe, I will create small logo with same cards like on home page. Maybe. Think

If you can, don't use tables in your design, use divs instead. For color changing just use some colored boxes instead of drop down menu. If you change color you must change all not only borders and backgrounds. Links need to change color, too. If you are using php then you can simple load different css for each color and keep it with some session.


Now, I am wrote everything what I must to made for my wife, too, but I haven't time. She is horoscope and tarot expert. Very Happy
Nice Layout, but i can not understand why you use iframe to load the content of forum.
The page has gone a major overhaul.

@rjraaz - I use the forum in an iframe because it was already pre-existing on a free platform and I cbf'd transferring it over to my own site at this stage (I've shifted my student 3 times in just as many months). I want people to stay on the page, so that's the only way I see suitable at this stage. I do plan on creating my own platform at some stage in the future.

@sonam - I like your ideas, but the thing with tarot card images is getting copyright permissions.. I have emailed the publishers for all the cards I use and I have received one knock back, one acceptance and no other replies. The one deck I do have permission to use, I don't want to have on my main site, as it's a bit dark and may scare some people off. Anyway, have a look at the new layout now, I think it's a bit more along the lines of what you would associate with the Tarot Business line.
This new version is very, very nice. I didn't know about copyright permission if you photo your card. But I am living copyright wild country. Maybe you can download some image and in that case you don't need permission. I find this two images for free.

But, maybe this is too much. Site is now looking great and just give little bit more black in images (it is too brightness for me).

And you have one error in HTML. On your text is go out from container and stretch full width.



I don't know why but when I am going from page to page sometimes the text are stretched.

And you have one error in css in line 32 you are forget to wrote px or em margin-top: 8;

My suggestion is to validate your html. For example on home page are three errors.
Even if I own the card, copyright still exists, I can't scan it and put it online. And just because I can find it on line, doesn't mean I own the copyright either, so unless those pictures actually belong to you (as in you created the cards from scratch and designed them) and you give me permission, I'd have to seek copyright permission too.

My husband was still working on the site last night, so the errors may have been him playing around still (he already knows of that link you sent and has been using it). I'll let him know of the errors you've mentioned to make sure he hasn't missed them, thank you.

Also, I have a colour switcher in the top left corner, if the purple page is too bright, the red one is a lot darker, you might prefer that one.

Oh and can I ask which browser you are viewing the page from? We've been testing from firefox, IE and Chrome..
I am using Chrome and test for errors in FF.

For images I didn't think about background (this is perfect in all colors) I was think about logo.jpg. tt-logo.jpg, etc. For me this images need just little bit more contrast. But, you are owner of your site and you don't need to listen all opinions. BTW it will be very nice if some other (your friends, or someone here on Frihost) give advice, too.

About copyright, I understand you position.

I appreciate your feedback, and I will take on board what I think is useful Razz I have been getting feedback from a number of sources, including my current clientele and my friends and family.
GuidanceReader wrote:
I appreciate your feedback, and I will take on board what I think is useful Razz I have been getting feedback from a number of sources, including my current clientele and my friends and family.

Great, this is the best way for creating nice and useful site. Wink

I like the updates from the old version. Just like it's hard to come out and tell someone what they could change to make an entire site better, it would be hard to go back and describe all the changes that you've gone through to get to the stage where you are at now -- Good job. Good web platforms take years of work-hours, and lots of testing to insure the best possible experience for the user, and you can spend well more than a life time coming up with things that you can change on a business website to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Looks like you've found some traction in how to simplify the experience... keep up the good work! You only have 859 more "work-hour years" before it looks like facebook! Smile

To better manage time create a list of possible site updates, and really go crazy with ideas. Try to make a list of everything even if it's a simple note about a large prospect for the site (example designing a user login system from scratch). Then take that list, stop dreaming, and place each item in sorted order from easiest to hardest prospect or development on a new list. Start with the easy updates you see, and you will start to pick up speed and momentum for the bigger problems. Don't get defeated... find progress where ever you can and that will be your big help to overcoming bigger obstacles like a full blown user login system security, session and cookie management, and portability for your needs.
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