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How much ads per hour in your country on television?

I live in India, i think we dont have any laws regarding the timing per hour reserved for advertisements, one day i calculated it to be 26 mins per hour of ads in a TV show. here we have 24 hr advertisement channels too.they just show ads., like firangi and some health tv.
Whats the condition in your country., do you have any restrictions on the quantity of ads a channel can show per hour or is it more worse than the condition here in India.
Is there any equipment or software to block ads on TV like the channel changes to music channel as soon as the ad comes and returns back as soon as the show starts., great idea if not already done. someone should do it.
I think it's a bit better here in China than in India. There's not any restrictions on the quantity of ads, either. But recently a regulation was released, which disallows ads to be inserted into TV programs, though I still prefer to watch anime, dramas or programs online. Very Happy I've been away from TV sets for months~ Very Happy
I live in the US. I have no idea if there is any laws regulating the amount of advertising(I don't pay attention xD). There is usually around 20 mins of advertising on the channels I watch.
There is usually 40 minutes per show and 20 minutes of ads each hour length show 20 minutes of show and 10 minutes of ads for a half an hour and for a 2 hour movie 20-30 minutes of advertisement. unless the show is a rare event to have a movie without commercial interruption.
That sounds about right. Even on Hulu now there are a lot of ads.
Can I say countless? I can barely watch the show because of gazillions commercials.
on our national television, not too much, but on commercial tv's... huh, 20 mins of programm then 5 mins of commercial.. i hate it
We do have laws here in Australia regarding this. If my memory serves, commercial stations are allowed to broadcast 22 minutes of commercials in an hour, which is fairly in line with what's done overseas (such as in the US).
Too many ads. I can even watch two shows simultaneously because I have to switch channels every commercial ad. Commercials aren't entertaining anymore unlike how it used to.
in USA where i am is usually 40-45 minutes of the actual show and the rest advertisements Evil or Very Mad i dont like ads!!!
i dont think i know the exact amount but i think it takes about 20-25 minutes in a hour.sometimes,i do get fed up with ads disturbing actual programmes
Well, it depends on the channel here in Los Angeles, but the usual commercial break is around 5 minutes. In a typical one hour show, there would be around 5 or so commercial breaks. I would imagine that puts it around 25 minutes give or take 5 minutes. If it's a particularly special show like the Super Bowl, the ads are more prevalent and take up more time. It also depends on how many time outs or delays are taken.
I wasn't sure what it was in the UK but google informs me it is 12 minutes per hour.
^Unless you watch the BBC, in which case there's about 3 minutes per hour of them advertising other shows Very Happy
Legally 12 minutes is allowed here in Hungary, but that does not includes self promotion (previews) and supporter's / upholder's ads.
here in india too.
legally.. near 12-13 minutes / half hour are allowed..
and it is strictly followed..
but.. the amount of time per ad term is not fixed.
some channels show only one ad of 12-13 minutes..
some other divides them into 3-4 ads each showing about 4-3 minutes respectively..
Yeah, where I live is pretty much the same ratio (40-20) and I find that extremly annoying (maybe that s why I stopped watching TV), but if you think of it, you don't really stop watching ads. TV shows and movies are filled with product placement techniques.

I just saw MIB3 the other day, they had a Ford Taurus as the vehicle for the agents (which they show very clearly). And at some other point in the movie (won't spoil it for ya folks) they show another Ford model (this time a vintage/oldie)

Now think of sport matches, concerts, the internet and even bathrooms....boggles the mind doesn't it?
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