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hp Goblet of Fire movie

what do yall think of the new hp move
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The new hp movie must be interesting even though I havent watc it.....and most definitely better that reading a book! MOVIEZ RULEZ!
I'm really excited!

The books are quite enjoyable and the movies have been as well.
the film isn't out yet but i dont think it will be very good. books are always better than films, (sorry to all you film lovers!)

it will still be good though and worth a watch
It looks almost as good as the book was.
i think it's gonna be good! i hope that it's like the book because the third movie was very good but a lot of things that were in the book weren't in the movie so i was dissapointed=/
But I've read that it's going to be the longest of the movies yet, so I hope that there won't be as big a problem with too much of the book's plot being left out. That really was my biggest complaint about the third movie. Prisoner of Azkaban needed to be longer and cover the book better.

Oh, and yet another new director. Some people didn't like the director and his influence on the third movie, either. I liked the toad choir, and the way there was a giant clock in Hogwart's, but I think he spent time on things like those transition scenes for the seasons, with the Whomping Willow that were just cutesy, at the expense of better explaining the plot. Oh, and the Night Bus... that was just not as interesting as it should have been for as long as they spent on it. That talking shrunken head annoyed me.

Speaking of the third movie, has anyone else read the Movies in 15 Minutes parody of it? It's a livejournal called min15m. It's hilarious and always cheers me up. I hope she does the 4th movie when it comes out too. It's irreverent and there might be some bad language in the parody, I don't recall for sure, but since she genuinely Liked the movie, I think making fun of it a little is all in good fun.

Was anyone else disappointed with the casting of the new Champions in the 4th movie? I haven't seen them act, so I can't say much, but neither Viktor nor Fleur looked the way I'd hoped they would based on the books. Still, I'm _dying_ to see it, and hope to go opening weekend.

Sorry for going on and on and being a bit disorganized. In case you couldn't tell I'm a total Harry Potter fangirl. It's so sad, I should be embarrassed at my age. Embarassed And on top of that, I'm new to Frihost.
Thanks for reading, everyone!
yes, i agree with you, lycadia, even though i did enjoy prisoner of azkaban.

i really cannot wait until goblet of fire comes out! i went to and they had new scenes from the movie there. i'm such a harry potter fangirl, too. Razz

the wait is killing me.
[quote="roonilwazlib"]yes, i agree with you, lycadia, even though i did enjoy prisoner of azkaban.

I loved the third movie. I rewatch it more often than the first two, though that's becuase of the characters involved rather than anything to do with it's conversion to movie form. I'm sorry that I came across as disliking it, becuase I focused on what I saw as the negatives. I think I was trying to get across what I hope for the fourth by pointing out things that I felt could have been improved in the third. That and I'm just naturally pessimistic.

I was absolutely rolling with laughter seeing that they were indicating they were going to use the "Malfoy The Incredible Bouncing Ferret" scene and in awe of the shots of the dragon challenge and the rising of Durmstrang's ship in the trailers I've seen. I can't say the new cast look the way the characters looked in my own head, but that would be nearly impossible and having actors who can act well and are commited to the role is far more important.

I can hardly wait! I'm rereading the book to keep myself excited for the film. I hope to see it opening weekend, here.
Well as with the books, also the movies get better. I don't really like the first and second movies, but I do love POA. I'm expecting GoF to be better then POA. Although I already have seen some parts that I don't particulary like. Like how Dumbledore's acting. He isn't really acting like the DD from the books, so that'll be one thing maybe that will bug me. But further I hope it'll be very cool, and I'm very excited to see it. And you gotta think this way, the books will always be right, the movie is just an extra XD
I believe the movie will be released on the 18th of November. Does anyone know whether that will be a worldwide release, or only in the UK/USA?

The previous two films appeared here in December, because that's when we have our summer holidays, and all the school kids are on hoilday for 6 weeks. They also released the Lord of the Rings trilogy in December.

Anyway, I have heard the movie is longer than the others, and of course, the theme is darker too. I expect it will be a real cracker of a movie!
Lord Klorel
The Goblet of fire will be released in Belgium wednesday next week

I want to see the movie so i see that is the money worth to buy the movie when he comes out on DVD.

I have seen a few trailers and my ideas is that the movie must more than the three movies together.

But yeah a trailer doesn't say much about a movie only a few indications how the movie will be.
I'm heading for a midnight showing of GoF tomorrow night. Hopefully it won't disappoint. New Director, new style, we'll just have to see where it goes. I thoroughly enjoyed Columbus' work on the first two films. Realizing that Film and Prose are highly different mediums of storytelling, I expect some differences from novel to screen. Somehow the first two films managed to keep the spirit of the story intact.

I was disappointed with Prisoner of Azkaban, in that some things I consider to be major plot elements were left completely out of the finished script, and though I love Cuaron's work, I don't feel he was the best choice for the 3rd installment of Harry Potter. His style just didn't work with the overall "feel" of the story for me. Others loved it, I merely enjoyed it somewhat. I feel that it is a testament to Rowling's story in that it was still a great film despite not living up to the spirit of its parent.

I can't wait to see how Goblet of Fire turns out under the direction of Newell. I particularly enjoyed his work with Mona Lisa Smile and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Even if it fails to live up to the franchise, it should still be an immense ammount of fun to watch.
AAAAAAH! I'm gonna see it tomorrow with all my friends! It's sooo exciting, I can't wait! some of my friends from school went to the midnight showing of it and they all said it was super good! I really CAN'T wait for tomorrow to come. Although I am a bit worried about the movie's content. I heard somewhere that since the book was so long, they almost had to make two movies for it, but decided to squeeze it all in one. I hope they didn't rush it too much!
i think hp isnt really a good movie kind of childish and boring if you ask me
ur online rpg game, did you make it souly based on php or any other program/script?
konceptz wrote:
ur online rpg game, did you make it souly based on php or any other program/script?

None of the above, actaully. I play it more like a table top game, only via instant messanging software. I trust the players to roll dice and report results honestly, when dice are called for, but that's not too often. I'm in it more for the story telling aspect than anything heavily invested with mechanics. I've played in php, java, dhtml and other chat programs, often at sites run by the company of the game I'm playing, like Palladium's Rifts system or White Wolf's World of Darkness series, but in this case, it's just handled via Instant messaging, with the occasional chatroom session for scenes involving more than two or three people.

By the way, I've seen the movie now. Caught it at the IMAX in the nearest city. One word: AWESOME. But it lacked houseelves and character development was wonky and rushed. They had to strip almost all the subplots out for time's sake. I almost wish they'd make "extended editions" of the Harry Potter movies like they did for Lord of the Rings. I know longer movies wouldn't be to everyone's taste, but I think there would be enough of a market to justify it, if they'd use more of the material.
Had mixed feelings regarding the movie. It was more a collection of several good scenes rather than a complete file. Also, the composer should be shot. You try having a subtle emotional moment while that racket is going. Even John Williams is better than that guy.
I watched it the first day it was shown here, Nov. 16. And I'm gonna watch it again next friday. I'm a fan so go figure... Smile hehehe
Masochistic Tendencies
oublast wrote:
i think hp isnt really a good movie kind of childish and boring if you ask me

Sorry I'm going to have to agree. >< It's become to commmercialized like the Matrix. Confused
In all total honesty, it was amazing.. but alot of great parts were missing out, i'm obsessed with Dan Radcliffe, but the way he breathes irritates me (anyone else notice that he breathes weird while acting?)

Anyway, It was a good film, but I think they tried too hard for the humor. I realllly hope the 5th is better.

I went to the NYC premiere and it was amazing, though, Katie Leung (Cho) stopped to sign for everyone at the front of the barracade (i was one of them!) & she is incredibly nice, all of the cast was very nice, but I only got to speak to Cho and Neville.
It was very fast-paced, so if you didn't read the're not going to have a clue with whats going on. They basically just crammed the important parts in, and left out a lot of stuff. I wonder how they're going to do the 5th one...
Well, it's a good film, better than the other anyway, but I absolutely prefer the books!! a lot more fun!

i think it was much better than the previous movies...this has lotsa action, suspense and it's abit creepy.

quite surprised about the cho chang hoo-ha when she only really had 1 scene where she had a dialogue with harry!
Movie adaptation will always lack something compared to a book.

Case in point the first two harry potter movie didn't capture the flavor of the first two Harry Potter novels (or did it? the first two books aren't that good either).

The third movie on the other hand, started to show the texture and progress of the books - thanks in part to a change in director - Y tu mama Tambien's wonderful wonderful Alfonso Cuarón.

Although, Mike Newell cannot be compared to Cuarón (Cuarón is much much better director than Newell), and although the Goblet of Fire movie lacks the unity of Prizoner of Azkaban movie, the fourth movie nevertheless surpasses all that came before in terms of entertainment value.

I hope that this trend keeps up.

As for the book, I like the 5th and 6th book better than their predecessors. Why? It's more mature, that's why.
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