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Tell your Nicknames

Everybody have Nicknames in his/her childhood days or until today.
Tell your Nickname and if you like you can tell how it occur.

My Nickname:Cyber Boy(CyB)
Because i have very much interest in Programming,Ethical Hacking,Mods etc... from my Childhood days.
In my 20s I got asbestosis in my lungs - I was called Doc Holiday...
In school, my classmates used to call me "cerebro" (brain in Spanish) but I don't remember any other from my childhood per se. In many places where I don't use my username RataNegra, people still call me Rata or Rata Negra. Some call me Mauricio because of my Facebook fake profile or Satan because I had that username on Yahoo for a long time (I don't anymore, but they still call me that). A girl from Malaysia and her friends call me Clash because of a mistake I did when setting my nickname on MSN Messenger (I corrected it, but they still call me that).

My childhood was with lot of friends around, they call me kochu. Which mean smaller among
Now no one know that name of me.
'Scarhead' and 'brokeback', both as a result of an unfortunate accident involving a jeep and a cliff.
Well, my name is Pauline. So "pau" is a short nickname for it. It's a really simple nickname, plus, it's not something degrading. I hate hearing people calling names to others just because they're nerdy or popular or something. I think nicknames that are based from your real name are much better.
I really have very little nicknames. My teammates usually call me the tall guy because I'm tall, but that's it, really.
One's nickname is usually derived from the final character of the given name here in China, as well as in Japan and some other eastern countries. By the way, In China, Xiao(little), Da(big), A(just an imitative word) are frequently used as a prefix.
The only nickname I can remember is one my brother gave me. He calls me chinchilla. Razz I do have a pet chinchilla and like her (it's a female, her name is Victoria) I am not used to socialize or go out often. So yeah. I'm a chinchilla. And he calls my room "the chinchilla's nest".
It's Cmdoo, since 1999 Very Happy
I nicknames is also little "Munna". India's ppl small boy called the "Munna".
My most known nickname, many times taken as a name, is MilHouse. Yes, it goes this way, with the capital "H", so it's correct read by non-english speakers and also to get closer to the same idea of this picture I found on the web (the one I'm using in my profile) and is exactly how I feel.
(I won't explain it; y'all may figure what it represents...)

By the way, that's the ID I use on social networks: lucasmilhouse. Laughing
There are Many Nicknames I have got!, During the school time close friends used to me by my nick name: Bhatti or just my surname Bhatia, Also due to my peculiar style of my walking I was addressed as bhatakti atma which means wandering soul.

Now here at college people call me as CR which stands as an acronym for class representative... Smile

Other nicknames I have got in my life are Kekda which means crab.
ocalhoun wrote:
'Scarhead' and 'brokeback', both as a result of an unfortunate accident involving a jeep and a cliff.
I remember you posting about that. Shocked
I've got lots of nicknames. All of them related to my name:
Chel, Chels, Chellesei, Chel-chel. Chelskie.

Now that's a lot of 'Chel'. I know. :3
I have had so many.

The one that matters:
Drew - from my dad. It's a variation on my name.
Actually, my real name isn't Ken Xeiko. I just use it when i wanted to register a new account on mig33.
One of my friend on it told me to use a cool name, but i'm not get any idea.
Then i read some books and find "Ken" in it, and i though it was cool enough.
So i use, x_ken_x as my mig33 new account.
Then after some days, i wonder about a question from someone.
He ask me the meaning of the "x" on my name, "x_ken_x".
And actually, i don't know. So, i click on my profile to edit my identity.
It took about 15 mins for me to get an idea for filling this.
I wonder about the meaning of the "x" on my name.
Then somehow, i think Xeiko is good enough.
So, i just use it, and make it to be Ken Xeiko.

And until now, i really like that name.
Almost all account that i have, use that name.
And by the way, if you found someone called KenXeiko on any online games/social networks, that's me.

Ehh one more.
My other nickname is KennyChick*.
One of my friend on online game called Failer. lol
Sometimes, he change his name to FailaaChick*.
I'm really interested with that "Chick*" thingy.
Somehow, i change my name on that game to KennyChick*.
And we starting to make a small community in that game, called "The Chick* Family".
And our motto is "Chick* Family gonna own the world, with their long purple dildo". Idea from me. lol

Ken Xeiko -
they used to call me horse, because of my huge, no I'm just joking.
I never had a "fixed" nickname, it was more of a concept.
my friends ( and sometimes even my parents and sister) used to call me well basicaly anything that would be close to a person with "oriental" eyes.
Not that I'm asian or something, but apparently my eyes seem to be almond like, which I don't mind.
@Marcuzzo: Uhm, cause of that, le me give u a nickname. lol

Belgimur.. rofl..
Cause u r belgium and ur name here is marcuzzo. rofl..
kenxeiko wrote:
@Marcuzzo: Uhm, cause of that, le me give u a nickname. lol

because having 500 nicknames is too mainstream?
Mini A
Dave's sister
Winner or Wynner
Lynn Lynn Into Battle Go
The Spastic Gremlyn
The Gremlyn

I recall having a much larger list years ago but I've forgotten basically all of them. There were probably the more significant ones.
My crush's name is Urvita. She is known as "Ovi" [Only close friends, but I have my sources].
So guys call me "Vio." I love it, tbh. Very Happy
No, I am special . From the childhood to nowerdays, peopel arround always call my name./
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