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Introducing myself

I'm Luis Arriojas and am a Senior PHP Developer with 8+ years of experience in Web Development. I'm learning Python; GoDaddy offers suport for Python but I have had a lot of problems trying to run a simple hello world script. For that reason Iīm here in frihost, trying to get a free host with Python support meanwhile GoDaddy resolves their own internal problems.

About me, I can say that I began to study programming in a College when I was 15 years old (during High School). It was a freak time I remember Smile , because all my study partners were 20+ years old or they was studying Engineering (Electrical, Mechannical, Civil...) at the university.

I graduated from College with a Associate of Science in Applications Programming when I was 17 years old. I only programmed in Turbo Pascal 6 but it was a whole world for me. It was amazing for me to make applications for MSDOS. Altough I learnt a bit about programming in FoxPro ... for Windows and SQL.

After High School, I decided to study Public Accounting at the local public university because private universities were so expensive, and in the public university, for Computer Sciences career only admits those with the best High School GPA. This was very frustrating to me because computing is a passion for me; more than a hobby is everything in my life.

I remember that a lot of people talk a lot about websites at the end of 2000, but I didn't like them (websites). I saw them like something very problematic. The connection was slow (8 or 16 kbps); the websites' design was very ugly and with a few of sites with interesting content, except for that sites that talked about hacking. Cool . Altough at that time, I never was able to understand about networkingand I abandoned that topic.

3 years later, in 2001, a friend who was studying Electronic Engineering in another city, taught me in two hours the fundamentals of Visual Basic 6. From there I keep studying hard this new language for me and in 3 years I became an expert and made complex applications. I abandoned Turbo Pascal... for the good of all Smile . I learnt Access by myself, remembered SQL lessons and understand it once and for all.

Bit by bit, I got interested in the Internet when I found a lot of scripts about Visual Basic. With the time, I began to depend more on Internet.

In 2004, I bought a book about PHP4, and began to understand about Apache, MySQL (development) and PHP. Today I'm a Senior PHP Developer.

2011 was a great year for me. I began to study in a Cisco Academy and at the end I understand about networking. I'm in the third module and the intention of this course is to be prepared for the CCNA exam.

Also in 2011, I participated in the course Oracle DB 11g: WorkShop 1, with the intention to prepare myself to the OCA exam (Oracle Certified Associate). I keep studying hard about Oracle.

Also in 2011, I began to study English to move to the US (I was born there but I live in Venezuela). I know English grammar enough like to defend myself (I'm sure I have some errors in this introduction but nothing that can be resolve with the time), but it has been hard to understand (listen to) an conversation in English.

Right now, I'm trying to learn a new language very well, Python, I would like to understand it like I understand PHP.

In my wishlist I want to learn Java and .NET at a beginner level, MySQL internals (Also I want to be a MySQL DBA, but not certified).

So, this is what I'm, a passionate for computing ... a proud geek.
Very interesting background leac3. You're in really good company at Frihost! Welcome! Very Happy
Welcome to the community.
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