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Long Distance Vs Real Life Relationships

I just learned that I know that deep down inside, I loved a girl with all my heart. I sent her gifts and she sent me gifts and now, I am being torn away from her because I just can't physically be there with her.

Deep down inside, I love this girl with all my heart but I know I won't ever be able to have her. She does not want anyone else in her life because she has me but at the point right now. I don't physically think I am ready for any kind of Relationship, I lost 2 Serious real life relationships because the girl just straight up left me. That was in 2004 and 2009.

Now, I am stuttered on the question, Why is Real Life any different then Long Distance?

You know the girl physically but it just seems different without her/him beside you..

I know Online, You can't physically do anything with the girl but when you fall in love very much with this /guy/girl, you don't ever want to let them go, is this right?

I know in Real Life, you have Physical connections between you and the girl but it just doesn't feel the same with me and girls, Girls here in Michigan just really don't know the real that I am going through from heart broken and never want to sit down and help me through the emotional crisis, I know they aren't good with showing their emotions but don't they just aleast sit down and listen.

It just doesn't seem any different with me, I get heart broken by every single girl I try to look for in a relationship..

I look for these in a girl. (Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Strength, Passion, Kindness, Caring about one another, Romantic, Generosity) I know every single girl out there don't have every single of those quality, but aleast being respectful and caring would be two nice Qualities any girl should have!

Sorry I can brag all day long.. I am just heart broken because a girl I truly cared about via long distance just decided to leave me. Her parents don't want me with her but she wants to be with me, She won't move away because shes in schooling (college) or else she'd move to me..


-.-; I hate life
Right.... how are you?
break ups and broken hearts are hard to cope with, even though, in my opinion, those things hurt you when they happen but then pain fades away unless you are talking about the one love of your life which is a different matter.

Whenever you will find that "perfect girl" (even if I don't think anyone can be perfect really) then you will know deep down that she is the one, then that might seem strange but whatever happens, whether you end up in a relationship or not, that amazing feeling of knowing who is the one is stronger than any sadness or heartbroken.. you might be sad, but seeing that person succeed and be happy will be enough to make you feel better....

So cheer up mate cause life is short and you don't know what tomorrow is made of..
change your mindset to positive thinking and try and see the good side of things.

And online relationships... a lot of people disagree, but I think it makes no difference if its online or not... as feelings happen and grow... you get to know the person, maybe even more than "real life" people.. cause that person you're talking to might be simply be him/herself online, when there is no social pressure....

I disagree when people say "real life vs online" cause, I don't know you... but when I'm online, I am still using my real life time.

Another little advice for what its worth it..... stop telling to yourself that you will end up heart broken... its like people that think they are cheaters, or whatever problem they think they have...
its a mindset and a self-evaluation more than anything else.... and you don't have to close yourself up in this scheme.. I believe that unconsciously one creates circumstances that lead to a particular result when it comes to relationships/social life.
You don't need to persuade yourself, you don't need either to get people to think you are like this.
makes sense?
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