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recover deleted files

My son just accidentally formatted my 1 gb card. There were some memorable photos on it. I haven't had a chance to copy so I need to recover them. I see there are a lot of programs that claim to help with this but I haven't tried any of them yet and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips that might maximize my chances of recovering them.
If it was a quick format then there is a chance. If it wasn't then there is really no chance in recovering it since it does a full wipe.

Don't get confused with "format" and "delete". Format erases everything. Delete erases it and sends to recycle bin and then you delete from there, but the file or information is sent into a bunch of pieces thus allowing data recovery.

Finally, this post should of went in the: Computer Problems and Support forum.
Wow attack of the spammers!

Usually they don't work especially if it's already been formatted. Only when you delete them can they be restored because they are are usually only placed in the "trash" folder and not actually deleted.

Most of the programs are a sham (and make tons of cash) as evidenced by our 2 spammers here.
Thanks for the thread necromancy, I suppose, coolclay Razz

There is software available, however, that will allow you to recover files from media, magnetic or solidstate, within about 6 or 7 rewrites, even deep formats. It's not readily available, however, require some expertise to use and will cost you. The cheap ones you'll usually see spammed aren't usually worth bothering with.
Oh wow that's cool I didn't know they actually existed. I knew there were private companies that had some magical way of resurrecting lost data, but didn't realize it was available to the common person for the right price!

Haha to be honest it was the spammers that brought it out of hibernation, I didn't even notice the age!
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