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Tips to How to Earn?

I want to earn some money from my Applications and other works.
I have made 3 Android Application,Some mods and roms for Android.
Still doing projects.

I don't know how to earn more?
Currently i'm using Ads on my webpage.
Then using

I need some Advice or Tips to how to earn?
Thanks in advance.

I think i posted in correct forum.
If not,Mod pls move it to correct forum.
i was thinking of the norwegian man that made workfeud... When he got a revenue of 10000 dollars a day he quit work! That is a free software, most commersial money I presume...

So you must be on a good way to earn money!

You can do what ever you know, online or offline to earn
isn't it better to have a waste-thread instead of the above???

anyhow, today is piracy the only commodity on the internet, ads is the solution.
spinout wrote:
anyhow, today is piracy the only commodity on the internet, ads is the solution.

There are plenty of other commodities on the internet, and even the ones that can be pirated are still also bought and sold.

Also, ads (or more accurately, attention paid to ads) is one of the biggest commodities on the internet. If you have the attention of viewers, you can sell that attention by selling ad space. If you want the attention of viewers, you can buy that attention by buying ad space... Therefore, the viewers' attention is the real commodity being bought and sold.
the big unfree market is the tv consoles, ps3 aso. release it for playstation and have it sold in the nearest game shop.
Hmm.. Sell cheap calls from and to India. or be a voip re seller on your website. I guess there's to much indian people scattered around the world. here alone in saudi arabia indian people are like 1.8 million and most of them are still spending money to call through the traditional mobile phone.

Since you are an app developer through android, why not make or design your own sip client and market your product on your website.

i've found one which offers free resources including phone numbers in 40 countries for developers.
go to

Start it with your friends or relatives and see if it works out. I am also interested in Voip but i don't have luxury of time due to my present employment status. Keep me updated ^^

Good luck bro.
build a game and publish that dude
It is a good idea.
But i'm working lonely.
So it is very difficult to do that.

Thanks for your tips.
I will check that soon and tell you.
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