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What Vehicle(s) do you own ?

Hello Guyz,

As the Topic Title says itself, its interesting for me to hear about the Vehicle(s) you own right now. Smile

I currently own(not totally as it is bought by my Father Razz) a Hyundai i10 Kappa2 Engine and a Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i. Due to heavy cost, it isn't possible to buy Level A Cars or bikes d'oh!

Below are the real pics of them :

Hyundai i10 Kappa2 Engine :

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i (Installed some Graphics on the bike) :

What Vehicle(s) do you own Question
I owned 2001 ford explorer sport trac, 1998 mini cooper, and a 1967 camaro.
Currently i don't have one.
But i'm dad have Bajaj Platina.
nigam wrote:
I owned 2001 ford explorer sport trac, 1998 mini cooper, and a 1967 camaro.

1998 mini cooper is a nice car Smile and 1967 camaro is just awesome Shocked

cybersa wrote:
Currently i don't have one.
But i'm dad have Bajaj Platina.

I wish that you will get one soon Wink
Now you've got me a bit curious... what's a 'level A' car, and how is it different from the (presumed) level B or C cars?

Anyway, I've got,
'90 Nissan 300ZX (sadly, not the twin turbo version, but still fun)
'67 Ford F250 (with freshly rebuilt engine, and ready to work for another 40 years -- though I hope to give it a full restoration when it turns 50 in 2017.)
hey Ankur Thakur, your vehicles are nice for me. The red car, looks like expensive, i like the style and the shinny color. It's cool. Your motorcycle is nice, too. Mine is only SYM magic RR 110, not so popular i think, my max speed record on that is only 105km/h. Now not so fast, only 80km/h due to downgrade of spraket, and it is a bit seasoned so i'm afraid that it may drop some of it's parts while running Very Happy Razz
as of now none... but planning to buy this year hyundai tucson or honda city.

probably by 2nd quarter of this year...

Very Happy
Currently in the middle east, I do not have a car; I travel by bus, sometimes taxis, and sometimes friends help out.

In India, I have a Maruti Zen. Its ok I guess, to travel, and a scooty pept scooter.
Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:17 pm Post subject: vehicle
Currently in the middle east, I do not have a car; I travel by bus, sometimes taxis, and sometimes friends help out.

In Middle east the car are very cheap...
I was in Middle east back 3 years ago and it is hard if you don't have vehicle in that area.. I suggest you buy one because oil/gas is also cheap in there.. Water is expensive in there. lol

Very Happy
I have a 2 door 2001 Lancer and a dodgy old mountain bike "Nidree Cycles".
2 Lambrettas (1958 & 1985) & one Vespa (1991)....I don't like the restrictions cars bring in traffic, though I do like not having to get dressed up like a Gladiator to drive one!
Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:02 pm Post subject:
I have Mercedes Benz.

I LOVE MERCEDES BENZ -- for luxury lifestyle.. cool
I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8t chipped...nothing beats the germans Very Happy

It's my third volkswagen and I'm never gonna buy any other car Razz
I own a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am with the 3.4 Liter V6, it has 250,000 miles on it, and I purchased it when it had 14,800 miles on it. I have done all my own repairs throughout the last 12 years and it still has the original engine and transmission. Yes I take good care of it, do all the maintenance, and change the oil regularly, but I drive it hard, and have done so from day one. Engines are meant to rev to redline, and if they don't there is something wrong and they need to be fixed Shocked

Second vehicle is a 1979 Chevy Pick Up, that I've written on frihost before about. I have converted it to fuel injection, it now has four wheel disc brakes, it is a 4WD, and it has new leaf springs all the way around, new shocks, u-bolts and bushings, new bumper in the rear, and new wiring throughout.

It is my week end truck for camping and work around the house, and I am slowly restoring the truck as time and money allows.

Part of the fun of restoring it is keeping it running and on the road while doing each part of the restoration. Hopefully this summer it will get new sheet metal in the floor boards and rocker panels on the Cab of the truck, along with new cab mounts, and a new transmission and transfer case, along with it's second new gas tank (passenger side) already has a new gas tank on the drivers side. Cool
A Brazilian Fiat Siena - 2008.
Chevrolet sedan bel air 1954
Ford Escort 1996
BSA 650cc 1945
Honda 400cc 1982
I really don't have any one.
I am not owner of any Vehicles but dad have Bajaj Discover 135CC and Bajaj XCD 125CC bikes.
Dude, at least blur your license plate.
Currently looking for one. Well, putting off looking for one, really.
Radar wrote:
Currently looking for one. Well, putting off looking for one, really.

Well, hope you will get one very soon.
i have a swift red colour .. and waiting for my pular 220... does anyone here have a super bike..?
i own a packmule Razz
I have a corsinha of chevrolet ... 2000, very good, economical, comfortable ..
it has items and accessories such as alarm, electric locks, alloy wheels, rear wiper, new tires newly ...
1.0 is basic, no air conditioning or power steering ..
and by the way, I'm selling ehehehehhehehe
I have a sKoda Octavia. I love it. Well designed D segment car with VW quality Wink
I have Hero-Honda CD- deluxe, and I am enjoying myself with this. I chose this motorbike to buy just because of its attractive look and efficient average. But, I think, now it has become old so, I want to change it, and I have decided to buy Hero Honda Apache in a black color.
A black Honda City iVtech 2011... and an old Yamaha RX 100, which does not start most of the time! Laughing
3x renault 4 gtl and a Mercedes c 220
I just bought a Fiat Bravo. It has 80 horsepower and it does not consume a lot of gasoline.
I have Kawasaki KLE 500 motorcycle.
I own a Bajaj CT100 motorbike. It's pretty old. I think I will exchange it for a newer model soon.
2002 Ford Fairmont
Right now i have nissan sentra runs very good.i am satisfied with it because it never give any problem to me any time.very reliable car.i am very happy with it
I'm in love with motor bike, haha
I have 2013 Honda accord sport automatic and I love it. It gets great gas mileage, has plenty of power and looks very sleek Cool
I have Nissan Sentra and toyota
I have a Honda Civic. It's not a great car, but it works prefectly fine because it is very useful. It have a great fuel economy and is very cheap.
1999 Volvo v40. 1953 chevy 210. 1982 Honda 400. 1945 BSA 650.
2001 Volkswagen Polo. Very much on my mind as it's in the Garage right now for a new set of tyres, battery (original again - old one has lasted since 2009) and major inspection service. Probably going to rob me of most of my salary for this month. Razz
I have Nissan sentra car.
It works fine for me.
I have nissan Sentra 2010. Nice car. Working good and look is good.
Right now a 2006 skoda Octavia, Chevy 1953, BSA 1945, Honda 400 82
I have a 1994 Nissan Sentra Lec and a 2014 Honda RS 125 Motorcycle.
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