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San Francisco


I am travelling to San Francisco in the near future and would like a list of things to do. Anyone been there before have any suggestions as for things to do, places to see, and food to eat?
Cable Car
A trip to the historic cars must have made ​​it easy.

Are the views of the Golden Gate Bridge's free now - Vegetarian restaurant for connoisseurs.

Golden Gate Park / Buffalo Paddock
The green lung of San Francisco with tropical flowers, a Japanese tea garden and peacefully grazing buffalo.

Gary Danko
Still in the opinion of critics and guests the best restaurant in town.

The former military base is now a beautiful park with dramatic views of bay and city. This work George Lucas' game company, and his special effects studio in the conversation tomorrow.

Alcatraz Iceland
On the former infamous prison island, you can learn how to shudder and admire nature.

Lombard Street
Legendary embellishments Street: Steep It could hardly be more, not nice.

California Academy of Sciences
Planetarium, rain forest, aquarium and interactive exhibits - science experience for young and old.

Coit Tower
Excellent panoramic view of the financial center of downtown and the Bay of San Francisco.

Twin peaks
Only a little more impressed than the sun and moon rise from this high vantage point.

Golden Gate Bridge
Landmark and a masterpiece of engineering, yet she resisted all earthquakes.

Castro Theatre
The old movie palace is a cult. An attraction of many silent films are listed here, accompanied by a Wurlitzer organ.

Cliff House
Sunset at the Cliff House: one of those moments that makes you forget everything else.

Harbour / North Beach / Chinatown
Fisherman's Wharf: Where are the sea lions lounging in the sun and you get to Chinatown, the best souvenirs

Contrast is the area around Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach, Chinatown, Nob Hill and Russian Hill. The days of the Gold Rush of 1848-49 in which over 600 ships were abandoned by their crews at the Port of San Francisco are long gone.

Today moored at Hyde Street Pier museum ships, while creating the tourist epicenter east of the Pier 39 cruise liners.

Fisherman's Wharf is more than just a collection of T-shirt shops and restaurants: stand still from the north side of Jefferson Street in Fisherman Lake, returning with full nets.

After years of silting North Beach is no longer directly on the water today instead of Italian sailors determine Italian cafes and restaurants, cool bars, the street scene. The neighboring Chinatown is still one of the largest Chinese population centers along the Pacific coast, but lives on Russian Hill hardly a Russian - District pulled the Russian minority there a long time ago in Richmond.

The houses in the earthquake of 1906 almost completely destroyed Nob Hill today many fine hotels and apartment buildings. The formerly resided here moneyed aristocracy built their magnificent mansions in the west Pacific Heights scratch. Along the Polk Street you meet in bars and restaurants sloping from around the world to a lot of relaxed locals.

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Thanks everybody great advise
On the 43 hills of San Francisco live 700 000 people and the town takes it on 4th Place in the population of California cities a. Cities such as San Diego, San Jose and Los Angeles are much greater. San Francisco is still the undisputed financial and cultural center of the Sunshine State.

San Francisco has been known by the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Car turnaround, Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf. Throughout the San Francisco Bay today there are about 6 million people. San Francisco is a small city, like all cities in the U.S., the streets are arranged in a checkerboard pattern. With a little bit of sense of direction, you find your way quickly, also can be easy to explore the center of the Cable Car turnaround.

The main neighborhoods are centrally located as the Financial District, Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill and Downtown with the Union Square. These can be explored with a bit of fitness and a good walk.

Condition because San Francisco is built on many hills are generally found very steep roads that yes everyone knows from TV shows such as "The Streets of San Francisco".

Make sure to visit Alcatraz, to the crossing on the prison island you can translate from Pier 33 at Fisherman's Wharf by ferry. In the summer months you have to wait some time, as many foreign tourists visit the city and Alcatraz is one of the most popular destinations.

On holidays and weekends Alcatraz Iceland is also a popular destination for Americans. The ferry runs every half hour. The most prominent guests at Alcatraz were Al Capone and probably Mashine Gun Kelly.

Another little tip, even if you visit San Francisco in the summer, always take with a light jacket as the temperature can decrease from noon to evening very quickly, you need to always expect a fresh breeze. The temperature difference between Fisherman's Wharf (the Bay), and the city can be up to 7 degrees. Wear shorts in San Francisco almost exclusively tourists.

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tdossi wrote:
Another little tip, even if you visit San Francisco in the summer, always take with a light jacket as the temperature can decrease from noon to evening very quickly, you need to always expect a fresh breeze. The temperature difference between Fisherman's Wharf (the Bay), and the city can be up to 7 degrees. Wear shorts in San Francisco almost exclusively tourists.
I was always freezing cold in San Francisco, even in the summer. So that is good advice. I'd take layers with. Very Happy
The weather in San Francisco can be very fickle. Morning fog almost always pass through the bay, which dissolves but usually around noon. The winters are mild but rainy and the summer by the situation for water often very humid. In winter, you should already carry an umbrella with you, the weather changes quickly in San Francisco.

As in any other big city, so there are in San Francisco districts, the better you should avoid as a tourist, at least at night, but in the evenings and especially.

Again and again, here are the Mission District, Little Saigon, Tenderloin and "SoMa," which is the area of the South of Marketes so south of Market Street, called. Here just keep on at night many homeless people, drug addicts and alcoholics.

If the Vatican in St. Peter's Basilica or directly a criminal draws his gun and opens fire when you're in the area, then it can hit you too. As unsafe or dangerous, I would not classify the Basilica now but why.

It's just always depends. and is 100% secure it anywhere!

You behave the way you said you would behave in a strange city also. Discretion is the better part of valor. Who hung with ostentatious jewelry at night by some city running must or must not be surprised ..
Where many people are, there are also many thieves who want to take away those who think no evil, something. So guys are always on the alert and you behave normally.

During the day, you should close to the tourist attractions anyway have no problems at night and you would not be in an unfamiliar to you, run through narrow city streets dark side.

If you are one, for example, a historic tram, across Market Street crossing, then you certainly (just there) noticed many homeless. There are far too many of them in SF and me these people do just so sorry. Fear you need before them have not. That does of course not very good but these people are even happy if you give them time off and a dollar there and had nothing to do.

When drugs or alcohol addicts, things look different.

Surely the good old Ernest has here a little exaggerated but the weather in San Francisco already has its peculiarities. High humidity and constantly incident mist flowing from the Pacific Ocean via the Strait at the Golden Gate Bridge on the same in the Bay of San Francisco, are not without ...

In the winter months it is with the fog not so bad but then when the summer comes and the Sierra Nevada has hot fall air in the San Francisco Bay and suddenly the wind cold air from the Pacific Ocean into it blows then the Golden Gate Bridge Within seconds of forming fog shrouded and easily swallowed by the earth.
Then she is suddenly no longer be seen simply ... If the wind after The whole thing is just so fast as it came. Even if in the song heist "it never rains in California ..." at San Francisco trift not unfortunately because if you in the morning your hotel in brilliant sunshine leaves and think no evil, because everything looks after a sunny day, then I recommend you always take a jacket or Pullower with otherwise it can give Ernest Hemingway as our fare ...

The constantly emerging winds but also benefits and so is the air in San Francisco very clean because if you consider that there durchnittlich are on 18 days in smog (New York = 175 days and Los Angeles even 231 days) then has San Francisco's weather is a good thing. The temperature rises in the summer rarely above 25 C and may fall within a few minutes at 15 C..

The best time is April - June and September, October indicated. Is a "real" winter in San Francisco, however, and not the temperatures are pleasant 10 - 15 C. In the winter months, it can also lead to more frequent heavy rainfall, but even then there are in San Francisco is much to see and do. San Francisco is still beautiful even in the pouring rain ... (and for me anyway)

I wish you a pleasant stay in this beautiful city and always beautiful weather but, and again to be careful, you should, in addition to the flowers for hair, always think of the jacket or the Pullower. Think of the words of Ernest Hemingway ... and listen to my advice

There is no bad weather, there is only inappropriate clothing.

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I was very intrigued by the cable cars and did the tourist ride in one straight up. It was a bit worrying because I kept thinking that if the cable broke or something we would go rocketing back down and into the bay. The ride was uneventful but I looked it up on Google when I got home to see how it all works.
Apparently there is a network of cables under the roads in a trench which turn continuously on big flywheels at a bout 9 miles an hour. The driver is called the grip man and when he wants to go forward he drops a big lever onto the cable and grips it which pulls the cable car. Apparently only about 20% of people applying for this job get a start because they need to be strong in the shoulders to hold the big lever in place.
I also found that there is an underground museum where you can check out all these big cable wheels in operation and see it all actually working. I was sorry I missed that as it would have been interesting.
San francisco is such famous place in united states. There are many type of travel destination for tourist and they get lots of enjoyment and relaxation.
The opening of the new Bay Bridge eastern span isn't until September, 2013, but the other end of the bridge, the western suspension span which stretches from Yerba Buena island in the middle of the bay to San Francisco just became the world's largest light sculpture and it's amazing. Every day for the next 2 years from dusk until around 2am the whole bridge lights up like an illuminated curtain. Its all computer controlled - gazillions of superbrite LEDs - which change with the wind, the wave patterns from the bay, the sounds of the city, and I don't know what else. And it's privately funded, besides.
Truly spectacular.
In September the bay will become home to 3 of the coolest bridges in the world: The Golden Gate, The Bay Bridge Western Span, and the brand new and simply fantastic Bay Bridge Eastern Span. Doesn't get much better than that for a bridge fan Smile
The Golden Gate Bridge, with its distinctive, and incidentally patented coating (vermilion or "International Orange") and a length of 2,737 meters with a huge span of 1,280 meters, the landmark of the Bay Area and for many next to the Statue of Liberty in New York the symbol par excellence of the United States. It spans the Golden Gate Road, the entrance to San Francisco Bay, and thus connects with its six lanes of San Francisco with Marin County and northern areas of the less densely populated Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

The bay entrance was named "Golden Gate" or "Chrysoplae" in 1846 by Captain John C. Fremont, the sea, the road resembled a harbor in Istanbul, the "Chrysoceras" or "Golden Horn" was called.

The first plans for bridging the bay had already begun in 1872, but were only taken up again in the 20s, when the ferry reached their capacity limits. The bridge was finally built on 5 January 1933 to 27 May 1937 under the leadership of the controversial chief engineer Joseph B. Strauss ("It took two decades and 200 million words to convince people of the benefits of the bridge, but to build only four years and 35 million dollars they."). The bridge was opened to traffic on 28 May 1938 at twelve noon clock by a telegraphic signal from President Franklin D. Roosevelt from the White House. Since then, she was still locked in any single day. Sundays only, it may happen that the bridge is closed in the morning for short term events.

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San Francisco is a beautiful city. It is the leading financial and cultural center of Northern California and offers fantastic attractions for the tourists. I use to visit San Francisco five or six years ago. According to my point of view most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in San Francisco are:
Golden Gate Bridge
Palace of Fine Arts
Lombard Street
Golden Gate Park
San Fansisco is the awesome city. its my dream to go there. ASAP
Sna Fransisco is very good city . There is a golden gates named bridge in SF. Its very big. It connects two countries
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