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A people journal?

Alright, so i've been giving thought to this certain idea of mine, to create, carry and update, at all times,, a people journal.Now you may be confused by the term, obviously. See, what I mean by a 'people journal' is a journal in which I can write about all the people that i meet, all the people I had an acquaintance with, all the friend-of-friends and tour guides, managers, just about anyone with whom I share more than a certain amount of moments, or just simply people who I believe should be remembered by me...

It doesn't have to be very informative, and I don't have to write about every single person that passes me by on the street! But still, if I could keep a track of all the wonderful (even rude)people I meet, I'd find it to be a bit useful, and fun as well!

This of course should be a private record of the people you meet, in the sense that no one else should ever read it, considering that your perspective might be a bit rude/offensive even embarassing...

It would simply have the name of the person, the date you met him/her, a few things about him, like , his first impression on you, even contact details, how or why you met him, and if possible(maybe if you keep an electronic one) a picture.

This is not to be confused with a normal diary, in which you write about your entire day or anything. Each entry would have a certain format, which would be followed strictly. Also, you would keep it with you at all times, so that you can update anytime you want.

Someday, it'll help you remember that person from a faint or hazy memory, and someday you could look at it and realise just how many people you have met in your life!!

What do think about this idea, will you try it too?
Atleast for me it is better to have a diary because i could add a section there for the people i met today. I am too lazy for it and see no point in it but if I will start I am going to do it that way.
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