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PDFforge toolbar in PDFCreator

I recently installed the latest edition of PDF creator (v. 1.2.3 from

However it turned out that later when browsing in Firefox and a 404 error (webpage not found) was produced, the PDFforge toolbar in the software took me to
Obviously, for a freeware program from sourceforge manipulating the browser that way is a little bit suspicious.

I later found that this can be stopped by uninstalling the PDFforge toolbar (in Windows 7 from Add/remove programs).

Does anybody have any other experiences with PDF creator? is this program 100% clean?
with thanks
Have you (also) the following problem?

When calling up a page not found error message appears:

Oops! This page appears broken. DNS Error - Server can not be found.

and below appear from Yahoo! proposed sites.

In the URL line is an expression such as: ... ..

This is not the correct error message for this error 404

To get back the correct 404-message:

You probably have installed the pdf-creator with pdfforge Toolbar.

To solve the problem:

Disable the addon in your Firefox "PDF Creator" Toolbar


delete the program: PDF Creator Toolbar from your PC

Start> Settings> Software> uninstall PDF Creator Toolbar.

Possibly. You must then reboot your PC to the problem going to be final.


With each new installation or update of the pdf creator, you have to uninstall this toolbar back!

I hope that you have again helped.
There are a number of virtual PDF printer driver.
The best is PDF Creator 0.9.8 (free, and on). Make sure when installing that you do not accidentally
mitinstallieren the Yahoo toolbar.
This is unnecessary. The tool requires
Ghostscript (free, and on), but this brings in version 8.64 with also the same.
Now when you print a document, then you have the print dialog to choose between your printer and virtual
PDF printer "PDF Creator".
Before the tool generates a PDF file, it displays a dialog box where can the title, subject and author of the state.
After clicking on "Save" to create
Determine where to create and name under which the PDF Creator PDF.
Another click on "Save" to start the printout into the PDF file.
It integrates the PDF Creator in addition to the context menu of Windows Explorer. Then you create by selecting "Create PDF and
Image files with the PDFCreator "directly the desired PDF file - without going through the print dialog.
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