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Computer to just play music off a hardrive (mp3)

I have a huge harddrive dedicated just to all my music. I want to buy a cheap computer that turns on quickly and all it does is play my music off this harddrive. Does anyone have recommendations?
Honestly, any cheap old computer will be capable of doing this. If you live in the US, just take a quick look around Craigslist for an old machine, possibly install Linux for enhanced performance and faster boot times, and plug in the hard drive. If you're an audiophile, you could invest in a nice dedicated sound card and an amplifier and speaker set to hook up.

Alternatively, there are several stereo systems out there with the ability to connect a hard drive via USB. That might be something else to look into.
Garage sales.
I would honestly look at set-top boxes like Roku ($90 max), etc. and pairing that with an external hard drive enclosure ($10?). You don't need to spend all that money on a PC (not to mention power consumption, etc.) when you take that hard drive with your music, and connect it to a tiny go-between box, and output the audio to whatever speakers you want. The new Roku I just bought (don't quote me on this, check for yourself) will play MP3s, videos, pics off of USB... and it was $90 and plays Netflix, Amazon VOD, and a lot more. You could have a nice solution that does a lot more than you originally wanted, consuming a lot less power, and do it for $100? I call that a win!
If you listen regularly to music, I wouldn't buy an old computer for it because of the power usage. Like Pete says a simple mediabox like Roky, popcorn hour is ideal for this. If you're not afraid of messing around with linux, a sheevaplug or derivate is ideal. Have a look at the raspberri pi, will be released in about a month and will only cost 25$.

If you have a quality music installation a quality dac might be recommandable.
My dad just uses Logitech's Sqeezebox to stream music off of the server he runs various things on. It works pretty well, and you can control it from your computer as well as through the remote. The only problems have been caused by its location-being near the microwave screws up the wifi sometimes xD
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